10 Best GPS Directions Applications for 2023, Most Accurate Maps!

Berikut 10 Best GPS Directions Applications for 2023, Most Accurate Maps!
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – So that the holidays are still fun, and certainly far from being boring because you get lost, using a GPS application can be the most appropriate solution. We will recommend the best Android maps or GPS application.

During the holidays, of course, you often use a car to return home or visit tourist sites outside the city that will take long trips.

Even so, to get to the destination location is sometimes difficult and easy. Especially when we choose to use private vehicles for more economical reasons, and it’s easier to go to several places.


Not infrequently, some of us are confused in choosing the best route to the destination. Not a few even end up getting lost in the middle of the road, so the travel time is even longer than expected.

To solve this problem, the solution is a GPS application. Currently there are many GPS apps that can be used to guide travel. We just need to download it on our cellphone and enter the destination location in the application.

Later the application will direct you to the destination location with the fastest route. So, for those who want to have a safe and anti-stray vacation, here are 10 recommendations for the best GPS applications that can be downloaded for free.

1. Google Maps

The best GPS application
Google Maps

Android cellphone users must be familiar with this accurate GPS application. Through Google Maps, it will be easier for us to find a destination. Just write the name of the place or address on Maps and the application will provide information about the route.

There are various types of routes. Can be routes for motorbikes, cars to pedestrians. In addition, this one of the most accurate GPS will also provide options whether you want to pass the toll road or not, and information about traffic conditions on the road.

2.Geo Tracker

The best GPS application

If traveling with several vehicles, or groups are advised to use Geo Tracker. The reason is that in this best GPS application for Android, there is a feature that allows us to share traces of travel routes with other users.

That way, they just follow the route given so that there are no separate groups. Another advantage of Geo Tracker is that it looks simple, making it suitable for those who are new to using directional applications and the like.

3. Wazes

The best GPS application

Vacationing using GPS applications such as Waze, makes travel time faster. The reason is because this application displays traffic conditions on the streets in real-time.

Waze gives users the opportunity to report the current condition of a road, so that it can be a reference for other users. That way the user can choose another route to reach the destination.

Another advantage of Waze is that it can be used offline, so it can be more efficient on internet quota.

4. HERE WeGo

The best GPS application

Technological developments make direction indicators of many kinds. One of them is HERE WeGo which offers easy navigation. The advantage of the best Android and iOS GPS application is that it looks simple.

So we are not confused, when we want to find a route to a certain location with this application. In addition, HERE WeGo can also be used offline, so it saves more quota and the application can remain active even in locations where the signal is weak.

For those who travel using public transportation, public transportation modes are available so you will be directed to take any vehicle to get to your destination.

5. City Maps 2Go

Maps application
City Maps 2Go

Vacationing while looking for the best lodging, can be done with City Maps 2Go. Through this GPS application, we don’t just get the convenience of finding tourist locations or certain places.

City Maps 2Go also makes it possible to find the best hotels and book hotels from the app. Not only that, City Maps 2Go can also be accessed offline so that the GPS still works even if there is no internet.

6. GPS card

Maps application
GPS card

Karta GPS is a navigation application that can be accessed online and offline. The accuracy is also high, so it is suitable for downloading as a traveling companion, during the Christmas and New Year 2021 holidays.

The advantage of Karta GPS, apart from being accessible offline, is that it has a feature that provides information about the nearest parking lot. This feature is suitable for those of you who travel by car.

7. GPS Maps Driving

Driving Maps
GPS Maps Driving

For those who want to take a vacation without facing traffic jams, you can download GPS Maps Driving. This application is able to provide a route that is free of traffic jams so that it reaches the location quickly.

Even with the voice guidance feature, GPS Maps will provide information when there is a route change due to sudden traffic jams. Then GPS Maps also tells the user to slow down or speed up the vehicle according to the conditions on the road.

8. Sygic GPS

Sygic GPS

Sygic GPS is a well-known navigation application, because it can display maps in 3D online and offline. The 3D map view will really help you to better understand the route.

In addition, there is a voice guided directions feature, which will provide guidance by mentioning the name of the street. That way your gaze can focus more on the road while listening to the instructions given by this GPS directions application.

9. MapFactor


Alternative navigation application besides Google Maps, is MapFactor. This application can be used online and offline and has a simple interface. MapFactor is suitable for those who like to travel to new places, whether in coastal, mountainous or urban areas.

10.GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation

The last directions application is GPS Navigation, which is able to provide real-time traffic information. In addition, the map view in the application also varies, namely normal, terrain and satellite views.

In GPS Navigation it also allows users to share their current location with other people, so that it can be used for those who travel in groups so they don’t get lost.

This is information about the 10 best GPS applications that are suitable for use when traveling long distances on vacation. Please select a favorite application as needed! [NM/HBS]