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Whatsapp has become a daily handle. However, with Whatsapp one cannot find friends from various countries if they do not meet through other applications.

Well, in this online era, one can, you know, download application overseas chat. Who knows, with this application, users can find friends, relatives, friends, and even soul mates. Curious about the application?

16+ Popular Foreign Chat Apps Populer #1 @Gadget
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Chat Application To Find Friends In Different Countries

Finding lots of foreign friends can add to your insight into new cultures, languages, and life that you never imagined before.

In modern times like today getting friends from abroad is not difficult. Moreover, now there are many supporting applications that can help you to find many friends even from any part of the world.

Previously, you might be used to making friends abroad with the help of social media such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. But apart from these three apps, there are actually other apps that can help you find new friends from all over the world.

You can download this application directly from the PlayStore and it is fairly easy to use. By using this application you can find many new friends.

Not only new friends, with them you can exchange information about language, culture or even while looking for a mate. It doesn’t take long, take note! Here it is 16 application for the most trusted overseas chat:

1. Tinder

16+ Popular Foreign Chat Apps Populer #1 @Gadget
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Tinder is a trusted foreign chat application. In this application, one can not only find friends to chat but this application is more directed to dating sites.

Even so, not a few who just want to make friends. For those who don’t want to go too far, Tinder can also be used for social searches because when registering.

Users are asked for location based on GPS and information based on Facebook account. So, all the data contained on Tinder is of course valid. When a user finds a match for someone, the user can choose and chat or chat in this application directly. About stepping into the level of being more than friends, all rights and authorities of each user.

This Is 16+ Popular Foreign Chat Apps:

2. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is a very useful multilingual application. Besides being reliable, this application can be used to learn a language from various countries. Having an attractive appearance, HelloTalk is more or less similar to other social media sites such as Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Users can do status updates, see people’s statuses, and can give likes too. In fact, if you want to add comments, their features are there. Uniquely, HelloTalk users can easily change their interest in a language. If Indonesians want to learn Korean, for example, users just change their language to Korean in the language column.


If Tinder is more about finding a soul mate, MEEFF is the right app for friends looking around the world. The reason is, not only interest in the opposite sex can be arranged in it. Users can choose friends from many MEEFF users. If you feel interested, users only need to press the button that has been provided. If other users are also interested, the chat can be continued in the chat feature that has been provided. Don’t worry about not getting friends, yes, because one user’s profile will certainly appear in other users’ recommendations.

4. Badoo

Still the same as other chat applications, Badoo is also used to find global friends. Badoo users can also choose which people are interesting and which are not. If both parties are interested in each other, the conversation can be carried out. In fact, between users can watch each other’s stories made like Instagram.

Badoo has its own uniqueness compared to other applications. If other apps use valid location and information, Badoo users can set their preferred location. For example, Indonesians can set their location in Korea so that their recommended friends are also in Korea. It is suitable for users who want to learn a certain language.

5. Tandem

The last application is Tandem. This application is similar to Whatsapp because users can make video calls and chat. What makes this application interesting is the presence of a tutor. So, if someone is confused with another country’s language, the tutor is in charge of directing and translating. Then, users will not worry anymore, right, if the communication is hampered because of language.

6. Slowly

Slowly is a friendship application where the way it is used is very similar to how to send a traditional letter. With this application you can send letters to each other accompanied by stamps and letterhead.

Because the theme is a traditional letter, you still have to wait for a reply until the letter reaches your friend from another country. Even though you have to wait, this actually becomes very interesting because you will feel a sensation like sending a traditional letter.

Same as application others, in Slowly you can also create an avatar that can be used as your identity profile. You can also create topics and find pen pals that match your criteria.

7. bottled

16+ Popular Foreign Chat Apps Populer #1 @Gadget 01
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This application to find friends has a concept that matches its name, namely sending letters from a bottle. The letter you send will later be found by other people who have never known you before.

If the inventor is interested in the letter found, then he can open a chat with you. But if he’s not interested, he can throw the bottom back until someone else finds it.

Bottled is a unique application because you can find out how far your bottle has been found. In addition, you can also find out the origin of the bottle you found and the biodata of the bottle owner.

8. Daily Postcard

Daily Postcard is an application that allows you to exchange postcards with other people outside the country online. By using this application you can introduce yourself, choose a lot of pictures and then send it via Pos Bird in the Daily Postcard application.

You can also save a collection of postcards sent by your friends and use the translator feature if there is a foreign language you don’t understand. With the Daily Postcard application you can find many new friends from all over the world.

9. Postfun

Not much different from the Daily Postcard, this application also allows you to specify postcards with friends from other countries. The way this application works is that when you send a post, you will also send a reply postcard. In this application also provided ID and address from each different country. With Postfun you can find lots of new friends from all over the world

10. Ablo

On the next number there is the Ablo application which makes it easy for you to make contact with people in various parts of the world. You don’t need to worry about language barriers because Ablo has provided an automatic translator feature. By using this application you can not only find new friends but also learn culture, language and so on.

11. Airtripp

Different from application Previously, Airtripp was an application similar to social media where you could find friends from all over the world. Not only that, you can also share photos, chat and exchange ideas. In this application, an online translation is also provided that you can use when you are constrained by language.

12. HiNative

In addition to making friends, you can also use this application as a medium for learning Asking Language. In HiNative there are at least more than 100 foreign languages ​​that you can learn such as English, Japanese, Korean, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, German to Italian.

What’s more interesting is that you can use this application not only to send messages but also audio. You can use it to learn foreign languages ​​with your friends in other countries. It’s so fun right?

13. Anygram

Anygram chat application is not only able to exchange messages with foreign friends but can also share status via the timeline. So that your international friends can comment on each other on the timeline you created. Don’t worry about language, because this application also provides a foreign language translator feature.

14. Hello Pal

Hello Pal is the best for making overseas friends which is not only practical but also easy to use. Not only for making new friends, this application also aims for users to exchange languages ​​and learn together.

Not just chatting, Hello Pal also provides a video call feature where you can chat with each other in a more real way. Well, for those of you who like to make statuses, in Hello Pal, Juan provides a timeline feature, so you can comment on each other with your Caucasian friends. Very bad right?

15. OkCupid

OkCupid is an application developed by the OkCupid.com developer which at first glance is similar to the Chatous application. By using this application you can find foreign friends who are on the same frequency.

When you register, you will be asked to answer several questions that match the desired criteria. Then okCupid will provide friend recommendations according to what you answered.

This 16 MB capacity application also has many cool features such as chat and chatting with other friends. You can also view other friends’ profiles and open a conversation with them. Unfortunately this application requires you to upgrade to premium when you want someone to like your profile.

16. Moco

16+ Popular Foreign Chat Apps Populer #1 @Gadget 02
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Finally, there is Moco which you can use to find Caucasian friends from various countries. Application This is quite unique because in addition to being able to chat, you can also play games and use chat rooms with many friends.

By using the Moco application you can freely set the profile as attractive and creative as possible. You can also add wallpapers, animations, music, videos and so on. Very complete right? Hurry up, download this application, it only takes up about 7.2 MB of your phone’s storage

So, those are the 16 most recommended and trusted foreign chat applications. Each application has its own uniqueness and function. Users only need to download which one they feel is suitable and comfortable to use.

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