3 Ways to Make GIFs on WhatsApp, Make Chatting More Fun

Title: 3 Ways to Make GIFs on WhatsApp, Make Chatting More Fun
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Presence smartphones it makes it easier for people to communicate. Especially with the emergence of messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Application chat this makes it easier for you to communicate with someone or communicate with a group, you can also reply to messages to send pictures or videos more easily.

Interestingly, the application that is now being developed by Meta continues to provide new features to pamper users in communicating. Well, one feature that is quite useful in text messages is the funny GIF image feature. GIF images are considered capable of making the chat atmosphere more exciting and lively. Because GIF images are considered capable of describing the feelings of its users.

Therefore, sending messages with GIFs on WhatsApp is slowly becoming a new way of expressing yourself in replying to messages on the internet. Not surprisingly, many WA users have started making GIFs on WhatsApp to add more fun to chatting with each other.

So, below, the Caris Signal team will discuss a little about GIFs and how to make GIFs on WhatsApp.

What Is a GIF Image?

According to the Wikipedia page, GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format. This is the most frequently used graphic format for website design purposes. GIF images have less color combinations than JPEG images. However, GIF images are capable of storing graphics with a transparent background or in the form of simple animations.

There are also those who say that GIF is a series of images or videos without sound that will be played repeatedly. This type of image was initially popular on sites such as Reddit, BuzzFeed, and Tumblr. However, with the emergence of social media, GIF images began to be used to express themselves when replying to messages.

How to Make GIFs on WhatsApp

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3 Ways to Make GIFs on WhatsApp, Make Chatting More Fun 34

Did you know that GIFs began to be popularly used on WhatsApp starting in 2018. Initially, you could only add a few GIFs. However, there are now quite a number of GIF images that can be used in chat messages.

Talking further about GIFs on WhatsApp, it turns out that this application has a feature to make your own GIFs. This means that you as a WA user can freely make and send GIFs to anyone more easily and more attractively.

Interested in making GIFs on WhatsApp? Here’s how to make GIFs on WhatsApp that you can try.

1. Using Google Keyboard or Gboard

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To be able to use the first method of creating GIFs, you will need the Gboard keyboard application. A number of smartphones The latest Android already uses this keyboard made by Google as the main keyboard. However, for smartphones who don’t have one yet, you mustdownloads first this application in the PlayStore.

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