5 Applications to Root Android Without a PC, Most Works!

Berikut 5 Applications to Root Android Without a PC, Most Works!
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Telset.id – Android is an operating system open source which has a large number of loyal users. By doing rooting, your Android will “go to the next level”, because users can change or modify Android as they wish. Here we recommend 5 applications to root Android without a PC.

Usually, to carry out the process rooting, we must need a PC. However, the way that will be Telset provide the following will allow you to root Android without PC. Check out the following tips:


1. Framaroot

Framaroot is an application created by Alephzain who is also a member of XDA Forums. By using it, we can root Android very easily. Here’s how:

  • Download the application Framaroot.
  • Move the downloaded Framaroot file to a specific folder on the smartphone.
  • Now, install the APK from Framaroot.
  • When given a choice, select an option Install Superuser.
  • Next, wait for the message to appear Success, SU binary and Superuser installed.


Now the application has been installed and the smartphone required to reboot for the process to actually complete. If so, the device has been rooted and you can feel the advantages of a rooted smartphone.

2. Universal Androot

An app as easy as Framaroot is Androot. Here’s how to root Android using this application:

  • First, log in Settings and choose security. Then, tick Unknown Source and save the settings.
  • If so, download Universal Android and install the APK.
  • when it is installed, run the application and select the option roots.Universal Android
  • Now make sure you select the version of your Android smartphone and select it roots.
  • Now the smartphone has been successfully rooted.

3. iRoot

iRoot can root most Android devices and there is no need to use a PC in the process. This application can root our smartphones with just one click, which means there is no need to do complicated methods to root our Android smartphones. The first thing to do is download iRoot and install the application on the smartphone.

4.Z4 Root

Z4 Root is considered as one of the oldest applications which have been used to root without using a computer. By using it, we can root our Android smartphone easily, as long as you follow the following method:

  • Downloads Z4 Root from the official site.
  • Now install the APK of this application in your smartphone.Z4 Root
  • When the application is installed, open the application and select it roots.
  • Wait until the process is complete and make sure to restart the smartphone so that all processes have been completed.

5. TowelRoot App

Other applications that can root a smartphone with just one click. The first thing to do is download the application TowelRoot then install the APK on your Android smartphone. Once installed, open the application and click Make Ra1n. After the install process is complete, reboot your phone and the root process has been successful.