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Post Today: 5 Best Free English Dictionary Apps on Android for You. The ability of foreign languages, especially English, is a necessary skill in the modern era.

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To learn it is not as difficult as decades ago, which used a bold print dictionary. Because now there are many best English dictionary applications on various platforms.

With this dictionary application, it will enrich English vocabulary. So it is hoped that English language skills will also increase.

This is 5 Best Free English Dictionary Apps on Android:

1. Indonesian English Dictionary

English dictionary application developed by Kodelokus Cipta This application is a free dictionary that is easy to use. Users also don’t have to worry about ads because this app can be used offline for words or phrases. However, if you want to translate a word or sentence the user must use it online.

Currently the Kamusku application is available on Android and can be downloaded from the Play Store with a size of 16 MB. This application has also been downloaded more than 10 million and has a 4.5/5 rating.

2. Google Translate

Besides being able to be accessed on a PC through the website, Google translate also available on android platform. This application made by Google applies AI technology so that it can translate words, text, and documents well. In addition, this application can be a dictionary of hundreds of languages ​​when online, and offline dictionaries are available for 59 languages.

Its use is also very easy, you can use it by typing text, taking pictures of pictures containing text, or writing by hand. Of the many advantages above, this google translate application can be downloaded for free on the play store. So far, Google Translate has received 8 million reviews and a rating of 4.5/5.

3. U-Dictionary

Application The next best English dictionary is U-Dictionary. Apart from being a dictionary, U-Dictionary also has a variety of other interesting features. These include the official oxford dictionary, translations in various applications such as whatsapp and websites, translations from photos, offline dictionaries, etc.

This application is perfect if you want to increase your vocabulary, especially with the appearance of new words in front of the layer every time. To use this application, users only need to download it on Playstore for free with a size of 33 MB.

4. Longman Dictionary English

If you want to use a dictionary that not only acts as a translator, but also explains the meaning of each word, this app is the best choice. Apart from dictionaries, this dictionary also contains grammar learning resources which are the foundation for learning English. Users can also hear the pronunciation of each word in British and American English accents.

All the interesting features above can be obtained by downloading this application for free on their respective androids. Based on 12 thousand reviews and a rating of 4.7/5 this application is also very convincing to try.

5. Indonesian – English Translator

This application developed by Suvorov-Development is perfect if you want to download a simple and concise dictionary. With an app size of only 2.8 MB, this dictionary won’t burden your phone’s performance. However, users do not need to doubt the quality. This application has a user friendly interface and is easy to use.

This application also features word pronunciation, vocabulary storage to be memorized, and much more. Based on the rating obtained, it is very convincing, namely 4.6/5 out of 73 thousand reviews. So there is no harm in trying this Indonesian – English Translator application on the play store for free.

Thus the discussion about the best free English dictionary application on Android. The five lists above are presented based on the latest current conditions. So that it can be considered before choosing an English dictionary.

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