7 Applications to Increase Worship in the Month of Ramadan

Berikut 7 Applications to Increase Worship in the Month of Ramadan
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Telset.id – The holy month of Ramadan is the right time for Muslims to increase their worship. Currently, worship can be done easily using the Ramadan application during fasting.

In this sophisticated era, worship can be increased by using gadgets. With the help of gadgets and available applications, we can more easily carry out and improve the quality of worship in the month of Ramadan.

In the following, the Telset.id Team will provide recommendations for five Ramadan applications that you can use to improve your worship. Such as the Koran, Morning and Evening Dhikr, Muslim guides and others. Check out 7 Ramadan apps to increase worship in the following fasting month.


1. Al-Quran in Indonesian

Indonesian Koran

Currently, the Al-Quran is not only available in book form, but also through smartphone applications. So we can use our smartphones to worship, especially in this blessed month of Ramadan. And the Indonesian Al-Quran is of course one of the applications that you can use to increase your worship in the month of Ramadan.

With this Indonesian Al-Quran application, of course, we can easily read the Al-Quran anywhere and anytime. This application also provides translations in Indonesian so that it is easier for us to understand the verses of the Al-Quran.

For the Pro version, this Indonesian Al-Quran application also has a Tajweed feature to make it easier for users to read correctly.

2. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is a Muslim guide application that provides complete information about worship. Starting from the prayer schedule, Hijri calendar, Qibla Direction, Al-Quran, a collection of prayers and others. Everything is available in this application.

Known as the world’s most populer Muslim guide app, this app is available in multiple languages. There are 40 languages ​​to choose from for this Muslim Pro application.

Muslim Pro works closely with the Ministry of Religion in each country to ensure that the information provided is completely accurate. You can download the Musli Pro application on iOS and Android.

3. Morning and Evening Dhikr

Ramadan Fasting Application

In this holy month of Ramadan, of course we must compete to increase our worship to achieve the best reward. It’s not just fasting and prayer that we must live in this holy month of Ramadan. Of course, as Muslims we are also encouraged to increase dhikr.

Well, it’s time for the Dhikr Morning Evening application to be available on your cellphone. This application provides readings of dhikr morning and evening complete with hadith history and the benefits contained. There are also features counters which can be used to calculate the number of recitations of dhikr.

4. Islamic Daily Prayers

Ramadan application

As Muslims, of course we have to make prayer a strength that we have. But the problem is, there are still many prayers that we have not memorized. No need to worry, now a collection of prayers is also available in the form of a smartphone application.

This Islamic Daily Prayer application provides a variety of prayers according to the Sunnah. The prayers are taken from snippets of verses from the Al-Quran that are clearly historical and valid. Equipped with Arabic, Latin and also translations, it will make it easier for us to memorize these prayers.

5. Hello Ustadz

Ramadan Fasting Application

Many questions about worship or religious matters, make sure you don’t ask the wrong person. So, now there is the Halo Ustadz application, which you can use to ask questions about worship and religious matters.

This application provides consulting services where we can directly communicate with religious experts, namely religious teachers online. We can ask various questions through the Chat feature and also available phone calls.

Halo Ustadz also provides live broadcasts of studies from ustadz. Various other features such as Prayer Schedules, Al-Quran and commentary are available through this application.

6. Obligatory Fasting and Sunnah

Compulsory Fasting and Sunnah

The next Ramadan support application is Ayo Fasting. This application was created specifically to support various activities during the month of Ramadan.

There are various features in this application, such as an annual fasting calendar, writings about various complete information (including fasting intentions and laws), questions, studies, and digital books.

Just like the Fasting Calendar application, this application also displays the fasting schedule for Monday & Thursday, Ayyamul Bidh, Arafah, and other worship services.

7. Muslim: Timetable, Prayer, Qibla

Muslim Qibla Prayer Times

This application provides a complete schedule starting from imsak, dawn to sunset or breaking the fast according to your location. Not only that, this application also provides information regarding the Qibla direction of dhikr and information on mosques in the vicinity.

Certainly very helpful in carrying out fasting or prayer services during the month of Ramadan this year.


Those were application recommendations to increase worship during Ramadan fasting which are available for free on the Google Play Store. All of these applications, God willing, can help you to live a solemn fast.

To see other useful application recommendations, you can visit the Telset Apps channel. Hopefully this information is useful and happy fasting, friend! [FY/HBS]