7 Cheap Online Ticket Selling Sites for 2023, Book Directly!

Berikut 7 Cheap Online Ticket Selling Sites for 2023, Book Directly!
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Telset.id – Traveling out of town or abroad has become part of people’s lifestyle. Moreover, there are many online ticket selling sites that offer plane tickets and train tickets at low prices.

Technological developments make it easier for people to travel because ticket purchases can be made online. You can simply visit the online ticket selling site to buy tickets anytime and anywhere.

On the internet there are many sites selling tickets online and this time Telset will provide recommendations on 7 online ticket selling sites that you can choose to make a purchase.


Cheap Online Ticket Selling Sites

You can access recommendations from 7 online ticket selling sites via a laptop or smartphone. Then there are many payment methods to choose from so purchasing tickets becomes even easier.

1. Traveloka

Online Ticket Selling Site
Traveloka (Photo : Traveloka)

The first is Traveloka, this online ticket selling site offers a variety of cheap plane and train tickets as well vouchers hotels throughout Indonesia. Various airlines such as Citilink, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air to Sriwijaya Air are all available.

Traveloka provides various plane tickets and train tickets for departures, morning, afternoon and evening. For those who are interested, how to order tickets is quite easy.

All you have to do is choose the vehicle you are using, type in the departure schedule and many transportation options will appear. To pay for tickets, Traveloka provides various choices of payment methods either through banks or minimarkets such as Alfamart and Indomaret.

2. Booking.com

Online Ticket Selling Site
Booking.com (Photo : Booking.com)

Booking.com often offers ticket promos so you have the opportunity to get plane tickets at low prices. In addition, you can also get hotel vouchers, car rentals and airport taxis.

Through Booking.com, you can order tickets for domestic or international travel. Apart from that, there are also hotel vouchers so you don’t have to worry when staying in a city or a tourist country.

Booking.com offers a variety of trips to Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makassar and overseas such as Japan and South Korea. How to order tickets is quite easy because the ordering menu is already on the front page of the site.

3. Pegipegi

Online Ticket Selling Site
Pegipegi (Photo : Pegipegi)

This online ticket selling site provides plane tickets, train tickets, bus and travel tickets as well as hotel vouchers. As the name implies, Pegipegi.com invites you to travel because it sells cheap online tickets, especially during promo periods.

For ordering and payment methods, Pegipegi.com provides payment methods through banks or payments through minimarkets such as Indomaret and Alfamart.

4. Tiket.com

Online Ticket Selling Site
Tiket.com (Photo : Tiket.com)

As the name implies, Tiket.com presents various attractive offers for train tickets, airplane tickets, hotel vouchers and so on. This is because Tiket.com presents a sizable nominal discount.

Especially during the holidays, Tiket.com often provides cheap tickets for domestic and foreign trips. You can take advantage of discounts so that travel costs can be more efficient.

5. Mister Aladdin

Online Ticket Selling Site
Mister Aladin (Photo : Mister Aladin)

The name of this site is indeed quite unique, but the variety of tickets offered can make you want to take a vacation right away. Mister Aladin offers various train and plane travel tickets at attractive prices.

Apart from that Mister Aladin also provides hotel vouchers and interesting articles about many tourist attractions in Indonesia. For payment, Mister Aladin provides payments via banks, credit cards and applications fintech Kredivo.

6. Utiket.com

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Utiket.com (Photo : Utiket.com)

Sixth is Utiket.com. This site offers what you need for a vacation such as plane tickets, train tickets and tickets to enter various tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Utiket.com also provides recommendations for countries, cities or provinces that are most visited by tourists.

7. HotelCheap.com

7 Cheap Online Ticket Selling Sites for 2023, Book Directly! 72
HotelMurah.com (Photo : HotelMurah.com)

Lastly is HotelMurah.com. This site offers sales of train tickets, plane tickets and hotel vouchers. The HotelMurah.com site provides various travel routes and accepts many payment methods.

Payments are accepted such as transfers through Bank Mandiri, BNI, BCA, Bank BRI, credit cards and digital wallets such as GoPay, LinkAja, OVO and DANA.

Those are the recommendations for 7 online ticket selling sites. Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who want to buy travel tickets when going out of town for holidays or business trips. [NM/HBS]