7 Strengths and Weaknesses of Itel S23, Cheap HP which is quite OK

Title: 7 Strengths and Weaknesses of Itel S23, Cheap HP which is quite OK
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Having a mission to compete with other well-known brands in the HP segment, Transsion Holdings does not only focus on developing its products for Tecno or Infinix. This time, it was Itel’s turn to be given the opportunity to surface and attract as much attention as possible.

Itel S23 is one of the newest cellphones from Itel which is quite reliable. This cellphone offers reliable specifications and capabilities at a very affordable price. This method is indeed quite effective, especially for the Indonesian market. It’s no wonder that Itel is quite confident with this one product.

How could I not, with prices starting from just Rp. 1.1 million, you can already get a fast chipset with wide RAM in its class. In fact, the embedded camera sector reaches 50 MP, and much more. How, curious about this HP? Please see the list of advantages and disadvantages of Itel S23 in the following table.

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Modern design can change color

Lack of sensors

Slow charging speed

Powerful chipset in its class

Complete packing box

After seeing the table above, some people may still not believe in the specifications it has. Because the price offered by Itel S23 is really cheap. To make it clearer, please see the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the Itel S23 in more detail after the specification information below.

Itel S23 specifications

itel S23
Screen 6.59 inch IPS LCD
Chipsets UNISOC Tiger T606
RAM 4gb, 8gb
Internal Memory 128GB

50 MP (wide)

0.3MP (depth)

Battery LiPo 5000 mAh

Advantages of Itel S23

The Itel S23 comes at a very low price. You can buy it with prices starting from Rp. 1.1 million. Even so, this cellphone has several advantages that are quite interesting in its class. The following is a list of the advantages of Itel S23.

1. Modern Design Can Change Color

itel s23

One of the first sectors that can be considered as an advantage is the appearance of the design. The Itel S23 comes with a more modern appearance, such as a clean rear body, to a more boxy cellphone shape.

In fact, the rear body is claimed to be able to change color when exposed to UV light or direct sunlight. Interestingly, the white color on the rear body will change to purple. This color change occurs in the white variant, while the black variant does not.

The rear body also looks shiny like using glass material. This is also what makes it look more modern in design. Moreover, this Itel S23 uses design flat or flat for all sides, be it front, back, to the side.

Apart from that, on the back there is also a circular camera module which is not too big. If you pay attention, there are three circles for the camera and one circle for the LED flash. However, the number of Itel S23 rear cameras is actually only two, the additional circle under the LED Flash is only for decoration.

While on the front there is a screen size that is wide enough. However, design notch for the front camera still uses the design waterdrop or water drops that look out of date. Bezel which surrounds it is also not too thin, but it is enough for HP in its price class.

The thing that is quite important from the HP body is comfort in holding. It can be said that the Itel S23 has a size that is quite right. Its dimensions are 164 x 75.6 x 8.4 mm. While the weight is still quite reasonable with only 185 grams.

2. Sharp 90 Hz Screen

itel s23

Itel S23 does have a screen display that is still visible old school. Especially in parts notch which is still considered disturbing for some people. However, the capabilities of this screen are good enough for a cellphone at a low price.

The Itel S23 has a fairly wide screen, which is 6.59 with an IPS LCD panel. This size is wide enough for multimedia or entertainment activities such as watching. The screen ratio it has is 20:9 as a standard ratio for a cell phone.

The resolution he achieved was arguably not satisfactory enough. However, HD Plus resolution or 720 x 1612 pixels with a pixel density of 269 ppi is enough for a HP that costs one million. Unfortunately, the Itel S23 only supports Widevine L3 which allows it to play movies on Netflix or platforms others in HD quality only.

Another thing that is quite interesting about the ability of this screen is the presence refresh rate 90Hz. HP with a price of one million can display smooth movements is a pretty good thing. In fact, you can manage refresh rate used at 90 Hz,60 Hz, auto so refresh rate can change according to the activity or application that is being opened.

Not only that, touch sampling rateit has also reached 180 Hz. you can play games comfortably thanks to a faster touch response. There is no such thing as being late to react when playing games.

3. Feature-rich 50 MP camera

itel s23

Turning to the camera sector as a sector that is quite important for a cell phone. Therefore, the Itel S23 is equipped with a camera sensor that is quite interesting. No half-hearted, this cellphone uses the Samsung s5kjn1 sensor with a resolution of 50 MP (f/1.8).

The camera sensor that he uses is usually present on cellphones at a price of Rp. 2 million. So, the decision to bring this sensor to HP for a million makes the Itel S23 look more attractive.

Apart from the main camera, the Itel S23 also has one other additional camera, namely depth or an AI camera with 0.3 MP (f/2.4). However, like other cellphones, the function of this camera is still unclear and does not really affect the resulting image.

In fact, Dan Manjares II from Unbox Diaries mentioning that this AI or QVGA camera doesn’t help at all. Its function does more than just detect the depth or depth just.

Turning to the front, the Itel S23 is equipped with a camera selfies 8 MP which is not very immersive. The resulting image can be said to be mediocre as a cell phone at a relatively cheap price. However, the recording of the front and rear cameras both reach 1080p resolution with 30 fps.

One of the other advantages of this camera sector is that it is rich in features. According to the video uploaded by GontaGantiHaPe on his YouTube channel, this Itel S23 uses a different camera UI from other cellphones under Transsion Holdings. This can be seen from the completeness of the features offered.

Starting from Photos, Videos, Short videos, Portrait, to Super Night to help take pictures at night or in low light conditions. Then for other features there are AR shots, Ultra HD, Panorama, Time-lapse, HDR, and Pro.

Well, an interesting feature of this camera is its Pro mode. The reason is, the Pro mode on this camera offers quite complete camera settings. Starting from Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, White Balanced, ISO from 100-6400, to Shutter Speed ​​from 1/1500-1/6 second. Settings in Pro mode are still hard to find on other cellphones at the same price.

4. Tough Chipset in its Class

UNISOC tiger t606

The Itel S23 is here as one of the low-priced HP that has the ability gaming Okay. This is of course quite interesting for the gamers which is limited budget. This chipset is also quite well known and is widely used by other cellphone brands such as the Tecno Spark 8C and the Samsung Galaxy A03.

Itel S23 entrusts its performance to chipsets UNISOC T606. This chipset is arguably quite tough in its class in carrying out various activities every day. In fact, this chipset is also capable of running games light smoothly.

Chipsets The UNISOC T606 is built on or a 12 nm manufacturing process. As for the source of energy using the processor octa-core. The processor consists of two cores Cortex A75 (1.6 GHz) for performance and six cores Cortex A55 (1.6 GHz) for its power efficiency.

Besides that, chipsets it also receives support from the Mali G57 MP1 GPU with a frequency of 650 MHz to handle the graphic display. So, what about the score obtained from the synthetic test?

Referring to data from Nanoreview, this UNISOC T606 gets a score 178,471 for testing AnTuTu v9. Meanwhile, GeekBench 5, the score that was achieved was 309 For single-core And 1.175 For multi-core. Nanoreview also has test data using 3DMark Wild Life with the score achieved is 411.

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