7 Tips for Creative Eid Greetings 2023, More Up to date and Most Creative

Berikut 7 Tips for Creative Eid Greetings 2023, More Up to date and Most Creative
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Telset.id – Development of technology smartphones, has presented a variety of features that we can use to be creative in making Eid greeting cards. We will provide 7 tips for creative Eid greeting ideas that are more contemporary.

It seems that it has become a tradition, when welcoming Eid and other holidays, we will send greeting cards to each other. Along with the development of the times, Eid greeting ideas are increasingly diverse.

Certainly no longer dwelling on paper as in the past. Now creative Eid greeting cards can be poured with interesting ideas using gadgets.

The rapid development of technology smartphones, has brought a variety of cool features, from the camera to AR animation. We can use all of them to be creative in making Eid greeting cards.

Here’s the team Telset.id I will provide recommendations for 7 creative Eid greeting ideas using HP, which are more up-to-date. Check out the reviews below!


1. Greeting Card Application

Eid greeting ideas with gadgets - Invitation card application

An idea that you can use to give Eid greetings with your gadget is by giving a digital Eid greeting card. Currently there are many applications for making Eid greeting cards that you can install for free.

All you have to do is download and install it, you can choose a Eid greeting card template which you can later fill in with the sentences you want to send.

After that, save the greeting card in the form of an image, to later send it to a WhatsApp status, Broadcast Message or Japri to relatives and friends.

2. Stickers on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has released a feature where users can create and send their own stickers. Of course, we can use this to send Eid greetings. There is no need to elaborate on sentences, stickers are certainly quite expressive media such as sending Eid greetings.

You can make an image of an Eid greeting, then later it will be made into a WhatsApp sticker using the steps previously reviewed. Please try it yourself!

3. Short Videos

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Sending Eid greetings via text messages may have been commonplace since the days of SMS. Now what is also a trend is sending Eid greetings via a short video.

Moreover, many smartphones nowadays have sophisticated cameras with high resolution ranging from 48MP to 64MP and even up to 108MP. Of course, you can make videos with good quality.

With several video editing applications that are also available for free to install on smartphones, you can edit videos easily.

Once finished, you can send the Eid greeting video to WhatsApp status, send it to the WhatsApp group of family or friends, or you can also upload it to Instagram.

4. AR Emoji Videos

Eid greeting ideas with gadgets - AR Emoji

Not just ordinary videos with a camera, with today’s smartphones you can also take advantage of the AR Emoji feature to make Eid greeting videos. This feature is commonly found in Samsung flagship class smartphones.

AR Emoji allows you to create animated avatars with your face, whether in the form of images or videos. Of course, by making AR videos, your Eid greetings will look cool and different from the others.

5. E-Money Card

7 Tips for Creative Eid Greetings 2023, More Up to date and Most Creative 69 E Money Card" width="500" height="339" srcset="https://iwanrj.com/iwanrj.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/EMoney-300x203.jpg 300w, https://iwanrj.com/iwanrj.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/EMoney.jpg 689w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px"/>

Since ancient times, it has been common to send Eid greetings via Eid cards. But now the era is already sophisticated, how come the greeting cards still use paper?

Another unique way that you can use to give Eid greetings is through electronic money or E-Money cards. Not just a greeting card, e-money is of course also a consumable item that you can use for various kinds of payment needs.

At certain moments such as Eid, banks providing E-Money cards also provide special editions with various pictures and sayings. Of course your Eid greeting this time will be more useful for those who receive it.

6. The Canva app

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To make creative Eid greeting cards, you can use Canva. By using this application, you don’t have to bother designing your own Eid greeting cards, because they are available directly with various options.

Apart from the design, there are many choices, you can also determine what type of output file you want to send, such as PDF, JPEG, GIF, and many more. Interestingly, to access Canva, you can open it on the web or an application in the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS users.

7. Application Greeting Island

7 Tips for Creative Eid Greetings 2023, More Up to date and Most Creative 73

The Greeting Island application can also help you make creative Eid greeting cards easily. This application is also available online in the web version and also on the Android platform, so it can be accessed via your cellphone.

To make Eid greeting cards on Greeting Island, you only need to type the keyword Ramadan, after which various greeting card options will appear. Its very practical use makes this application you can rely on.


You can try the various tips along with recommendations for making creative Eid greetings above. Hopefully this information can be useful for you, friends!