AMD Announces Ryzen Z1 Series, Handheld Gaming Console Chipsets

Berikut AMD Announces Ryzen Z1 Series, Handheld Gaming Console Chipsets
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – AMD officially announced its newest line of processors, namely Ryzen Z1, this latest chipset is intended for the latest generation of handheld gaming consoles.

AMD’s newest gaming chipset series consists of two variants, namely the standard Ryzen Z1 and Ryzen Z1 Extreme as the highest variant. Both use the Ryzen Zen 4 architecture with 4nm technology and have GPUs with RDNA 3 architecture.

Although designed for handheld gaming devices, these two AMD Ryzen chipsets will be available temporarily exclusively on the Asus ROG Ally, although other gaming console manufacturers can use them, according to a GSMArena report.


AMD Ryzen Z1 will have a Zen 4 CPU with a configuration of 6 cores and 12 threads, with 4 core RDNA 3 GPU support for graphics processing. AMD itself claims that the Ryzen Z1 processor is capable of producing 2.8 teraflops of graphics performance.

Meanwhile, the highest variant Ryzen Z1 Extreme also uses a Zen 4 CPU with an 8-core and 16-core CPU configuration, and has 12 RDNA 3 GPU cores with 24MB cache. This processor is claimed to be capable of producing graphics performance of up to 8.6 teraflops.

For real testing, AMD provides gaming performance graphics from the Ryzen Z1 and Z1 Extreme in the latest games running at Full HD 1080p resolution with graphic settings

AMD Ryzen Z1 Gaming Chipset

From the graph, it can be seen that heavy games like Red Dead Redemption 2 are able to run on average at 25.3 FPS for Ryzen Z1, while on AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme it reaches up to 47.9. Meanwhile, competitive games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive run at an average of 137.6 FPS on the Z1 and 162.1 on the Z1 Extreme.


The two new AMD chipsets will also have support for USB 4 connectivity, LPDDR5 and LPDDR5X RAM memory. Additionally, these processors will feature AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR), Radeon Chill, Radeon Image Sharpening, and AMD Link enhancements.

In its announcement, AMD also explained that these two Z1 chipsets will certainly be present at the Asus ROG Ally which will soon be launched on May 11.