Apple Watch Users Will Have an AI-Based Trainer

Berikut Apple Watch Users Will Have an AI-Based Trainer
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Apple Watch users will experience advanced AI technology. This is because Apple is reportedly developing an AI-based trainer for the Apple Watch.

Bloomberg sources claim Apple is developing an AI-based health trainer dubbed Quartz. Apple’s AI trainer will use data from the Apple Watch to create personalized programs for exercise, diet and sleep which means it’s coming to Watch users.

quoted Telset from Engadget as of Wednesday (26/4/2023), the AI ​​trainer will require a subscription and launch sometime in 2024. The Health app may become more useful, and Apple does release health features frequently.


According to an Apple insider, the Cupertino giant will be bringing its Health app to the iPad in this year’s iPadOS 17 update. The Health app will help users track their mood by answering questions about their situation that day.

Users can also use this health app to manage vision problems like nearsightedness. Unfortunately Apple declined to comment on this issue.

Even so, developing AI-based health training applications is not surprising. That’s because Apple still relies heavily on service innovation to increase its profits, and Quartz may appeal to those who are going to pay a human trainer to rethink their habits.

Apple has made health a key selling point for its devices, particularly the Apple Watch. Of course, coaches can further strengthen Apple user loyalty, even attracting new users.

Previously, Apple had patented new technology for its smart watch devices. This new technology allows users to have motion control over the Apple Watch.


The leaked new technology patent that will be used on the Apple Watch is motion control. The patent shows a new type of wristband that harnesses the power of electrodes to sense the user’s hand movements with high accuracy, according to a report by Gizmochina. [NM/HBS]