Due to Nokia’s patent infringement, Vivo is prohibited from selling in Germany

Berikut Due to Nokia’s patent infringement, Vivo is prohibited from selling in Germany
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Germany’s Manheim District Court upheld Nokia in Vivo’s patent infringement case, which would see Vivo banned from selling in Germany. Nokia’s lawsuit against Vivo concerns Nokia’s 4G essential patents (SEP).

Previously, Nokia had also won similar patent infringement cases against Oppo and OnePlus, which resulted in both companies being banned from selling in Germany.

Now, Vivo is facing the same thing as Oppo and OnePlus, which could get it banned in Germany, as Nokia received a court order to ban Vivo, after failed negotiations on the license fee of Nokia’s patents.


Reported Telset from GSMArenaVivo issued an official statement confirming that the company is still negotiating the extension of the technology patent license agreement with Nokia, but is prepared to suspend sales and marketing of the affected products in the event of a court order.

In addition, Vivo is also ready to appeal against the decision from the court and reiterates that the company has a long-term commitment to the German market.

Although, currently Vivo’s activities outside of Germany are not affected by this issue, if the company loses traction and is unable to reach an agreement with Nokia it will put its presence across the EU region at risk.

The official statement also includes comments about Nokia’s lack of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory bid terms in negotiating the deal.


For your information, the license agreement between Vivo and Nokia has ended in December 2021, and after that the sale of Vivo devices with technology from Nokia without payment of a license is considered illegal.

For now, consumers can still buy Vivo products through official sales and third-party resellers in Germany. [FY/HBS]