Free Fire Has a Villain Character Named Orion, How Strong?

Berikut Free Fire Has a Villain Character Named Orion, How Strong?
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta A new era in Free Fire will soon begin through the event Project Crimson: The First of Vengeance, which through this event marks the birth of the character Orion, as the first villain in Free Fire.

Based on the official statement received on Sunday (14/05/2023), Orion has a fairly dark and complex character. This figure is controlled by demons within him which makes him always shrouded in anger. Filled with anger and revenge, Orion also faced an endless inner struggle within himself.

The tragic death of his parents who were killed became the trigger for this anger and revenge. However, Orion gets a second chance to move on with his life when he joins The Mambas.

On his journey to avenge the death of his parents, it leads him to a dark life and makes his arms filled with revenge.


Orion’s skills in Free Fire

Orion will be equipped with skills a unique name called Crimson Crush which reflects the struggle to find oneself in the midst of the loss of everything that has ever been owned.

On the Free Fire battlefield, Crimson Crush will make Orion invincible or invincible for some time. Apart from that, this skill allows Orion to reduce the strength of nearby opponents, making it difficult to fight optimally in Free Fire.

Survivors can get Orion and experience the power of this character by completing missions at the Project Crimson event.

Free Fire Villain Character Orion

Every time you complete a milestone in this mission, players will get a prize and a memory shards. Later, if survivors can complete all the missions in this event, they will get Orion along with other exclusive prizes, such as Unveiled Truth Avatar Orion, Grenade Scorpio, Orion’s special Surfboard, to the Crimson Beast Pin.

Not only that, the players can also get deeper into this new character with bundle containing costumes new Scorpio themed signature with Orion’s vengeful arm.

Orion’s signature scorpio design can be found in other items, such as the Gloo Wall, Katana, and Fist Skin. Still at the Project Crimson Event, there is a special Orion-themed design in the game Free Firestarting from Lobby, Spawn Island, to Airplane.

This event will invite players to try on Legendary costumes and transform into Orion every time they collect 15 eliminations. Players who participate in this event will also get attractive prizes, such as the AC80 – Fury Tribe skin.


Event Pproject Crimson: The First of Vengeance held from 12-28 May 2023. Keep up with the latest developments about Free Fire, especially the character Orion on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and the official Free Fire Indonesia website.