Get ready! Users Are Prohibited from Using Ad Blockers on YouTube

Berikut Get ready! Users Are Prohibited from Using Ad Blockers on YouTube
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Google has announced that the company is testing a new feature that prohibits users from activating ad blockers on the YouTube platform.

This new feature as a whole will prevent users from activating ad blockers on YouTube, this feature comes after a leaker revealed it at the time that coincided with the Google I/O 2023 event.

Leaker Sazk100 posted a screenshot of a pop-up that appeared on YouTube stating that the use of ad blockers has been banned on this platform.


Due to this notification, users are prohibited from using ad blockers on Youtube and will still see advertisements while watching videos on this streaming platform.

The new feature leak also suggests that users can also subscribe to YouTube Premium which provides the ability to remove ads along with several other premium offerings.

YouTube Ad Blocker Banned

In addition, it also shows that ad blocking services are currently a small experiment that has far-reaching impact for an application. The ad blocker itself is a feature that allows users to open various webs without having to see advertisements, even though the web has advertisements.

As an alternative to preventing ads from appearing users must subscribe to YouTube Premium’s paid subscription program, YouTube ads have become increasingly intrusive over the years, according to Gizmochina.


Last year, Google conducted an experiment where YouTube viewers couldn’t skip certain selected ads. This step is considered as an effort to increase the dwindling ad revenue for content creators.

YouTube currently continues to have a growing number of subscribers to content creators from time to time, and even the revenue coming from this platform has increased recently. [FY/HBS]