Here’s How to Use Google Bard in Indonesia!

Berikut Here’s How to Use Google Bard in Indonesia!
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Google presents Google Bard to hundreds of countries, including Indonesia. That way you can now use Google Bard via smartphone or PC.

Google Bard was announced by Google CEO Sundar Pichai in February 2023, but at that time it was not accessible to the public because it was still in the development stage.

A few months later, at the Google I/O 2023 event, the company officially launched Bard to many users in 180 countries and is available in 40 languages.

This means that Google removed the waiting list policy for general users who want to try Bard, because now the AI ​​chatbot can be accessed by many users without having to register first.

Google says that Bard is supported by Google’s latest major language model technology called PaLM 2, so it offers a variety of advantages.


Google Bard advantage

Bards advantage

Google Bard brings various advantages compared to other AI chatbots such as ChatGPT. The advantages offered in terms of features or sophistication from Google Bard.

The majority of these features and sophistication will debut in the near future, so we just have to wait. The following is a complete explanation of the advantages and features of Google Bard.

1. Display Supporting Images

Chatbot AI not only answers questions in text form, but is also supported by a visual display. For example, when you ask the question “What are the sights to see in Yogyakarta?”

Then in addition to text, you’ll get a response in the form of images of landscapes and tourist destinations, giving you a much better understanding of what you’re exploring.

2. Integrated with Google Lens

The plan is that Google Bard will also be integrated with Lens, which can analyze a photo or make it look more attractive. Let’s say you want to have fun using a photo of your dog.

You can upload it and ask the Bard to “write a funny text about these two”. Using Google Lens, Bard will analyze the photo, detect the dog breed and compose some creative captions. Everything happened in seconds.

3. Features Dark Theme

This already available feature is certainly very helpful for users who access Bard for a long time because a dark screen can certainly maintain eye comfort and health.

4. Export Feature

The Export feature makes it easy for users to move Bard’s responses directly to Gmail and Google Docs.

The trick, when the Bard has answered the question, then click on the feature at the bottom of the application screen, which has an up arrow logo. Please select whether you want to export to Gmail or Google Docs.

5. Give Enter to the Bard

Keep in mind that the Bard is still in the development or experimentation stage, so you can provide input to the Bard. There are thumbs up buttons for suggestions and thumbs down for criticism.

Please choose one of the thumbs, and write the input you want to give to Bard. The suggestions and criticisms given are useful for Bard to be better.


How to Use Google Bard

How to access Google Bard is fairly easy, and can be accessed via smartphones, PCs and tablets. Then you don’t need to create a special account because you only need to log in using your Google account.

  • Go to Google Bard via the site
  • Click Sign In and log in using your active email.

The Google Bard Way

  • If you are already logged in, understand the terms and data privacy at Bard. If you agree, please click I agreeto proceed to the next stage.

The Google Bard Way

  • Information appears containing an invitation to provide feedback to Bard, because this chatbot is still in the experimental stage, and continue.

How to chatbot bards

  • Write a question in the column provided, and click enter or the arrow on the right.

How to Chatbot AI

  • About the look of the Bard’s answer. Then at the bottom there are several features such as Feedback with thumbs up icon, features Export to Gmail and Docs as well Google it to find more information on Google Search.

How to Chatbot AI

This is information about Google Bard, from its advantages to how to use it. Hopefully useful and good luck! [NM/HBS]