Less Populer, Microsoft Forces Windows Users to Use Edge Browser

Berikut Less Populer, Microsoft Forces Windows Users to Use Edge Browser
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Based on Microsoft’s notification to its employees, the company will force Windows users to use it browsers Microsoft Edge.

It’s no secret, that most users are used to using browsers Google Chrome, even some are already dependent on browsers Google it.

Therefore, the Google Chrome application is very often used compared to using the default browser such as Edge from Microsoft or Safari from Apple, even though all of them are functionally the same.


However, this situation is not pleasant for some companies. Microsoft is now forcing Outlook and Teams app users to open links in Edge.

For information, Microsoft Edge has been launched since 2015 to replace Internet Explorer which was previously one of the best browsers in the past.

However, the launch did not achieve the success it deserved. Many Windows users still download Google Chrome the first time they give them a device like their PC or laptop.

From Gizmochina’s latest report, it seems that Microsoft Edge is getting worse and even losing the second place in the computer browser market to Apple’s Safari.

To solve this problem, Microsoft has taken an unpleasant decision. Information sent to IT Admins through the Microsoft 365 admin center, Outlook, and Teams will no longer use the user’s chosen default browser.

Microsoft will force users to use the Edge browser, even if they don’t change the default browser they choose and users can still use Chrome as an alternative.

However, as part of the Windows operating system, this browser will omit user-defined configurations.

Microsoft says this change is a step towards simplifying the user experience and reducing task switching between windows and tabs.


However, the company’s efforts still fail because some users are not comfortable with this.

On the other hand, Microsoft may need to reconsider its approach if it wants Edge to become a widely used browser and maintain its positive image. [FY/HBS]