LinkedIn will Have AI Features for Creating Job Application Letters

Berikut LinkedIn will Have AI Features for Creating Job Application Letters
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – LinkedIn is currently testing a new AI feature to help job seekers create personalized cover letters to send to employers.

However, this new feature is only available for premium subscribers. Premium subscribers are enabled to create messages such as short cover letters based on information from candidate profiles, job descriptions, and hiring manager profiles.

Reported Telset from Gizmochina, this feature allows job seekers to easily send personalized messages showcasing their skills and experience directly to hiring managers via LinkedIn.


LinkedIn’s AI-powered job application letter maker feature is expected to save job candidates a lot of time and effort, and make the job search process more effective and efficient.

This new feature isn’t the first time either, as LinkedIn has previously experimented with AI features for writing profiles and AI-generated captions for collaborative articles.

However, this new feature is another step forward in the use of AI in the recruitment process, as it allows job seekers to quickly and easily create personalized messages based on specific job opportunities.

This AI-generated message is like the opening sentence of a cover letter and is adjusted based on the contents of the candidate’s profile, job description, to the hiring manager’s profile. This feature could potentially be a change for job seekers, as this feature allows users to stand out from other applicants by showing their strengths.

While AI-generated messages are highly personalized, LinkedIn ensures that candidates still have to customize and edit text to ensure messages accurately match the candidate’s skills and experience.

This is a sign that while AI can help produce content, it is still important for humans to monitor so that the end result is accurate and effective.


Also, another area of ​​LinkedIn that could potentially be AI-powered is the job hiring process, using it to analyze hiring and suggest potential candidates.

This feature that will likely use AI can help companies simplify the recruitment process by quickly identifying the most qualified candidates for certain positions. [NM/HBS]