List of Smartphones Receiving Android 14 Beta Update 1

Berikut List of Smartphones Receiving Android 14 Beta Update 1
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – There are several smartphones that have received the Android 14 Beta 1 update. The smartphones that have received the update come from various brands so you can check whether your cellphone has received the update or not.

Android 14 Beta 1, released by Google for about a month and can only be accessed by application developers. However, Google finally announced that the OS can be accessed by the public, because there are several smartphone series that get the first beta version of Android 14.

quoted Telset from GSMArena on Friday (12/05/2023), there were at least 9 Android smartphones, which received Android 14 Beta 1. Starting from OnePlus, Vivo, Realme to Oppo Find N2 Flip.

Later users will get some features in this Beta OS such as enhanced PIN security, features markup newer tool for photo editing, transparent navigation bar in all apps and other features.


List of Smartphones that Update Android 14 Beta 1 android 14 beta 1 smartphones

For more details, here is a list of smartphones that have received the Android 14 Beta 1 update, along with an OS download link that can be accessed by pressing the name of the cellphone that is included in the list.

  1. Nothing Phone (1)
  2. OnePlus 11
  3. Vivo X90 Pro
  4. iQOO 11
  5. Realme GT 2 Pro (China Only)
  6. Xiaomi 13 Pro
  7. Xiaomi 13
  8. Xiaomi 12T
  9. Oppo Find N2 Flip.

Keep in mind that Android 14 Beta 1 may contain bugs that may hinder usage, so it’s best to avoid this beta OS update on mainstream smartphones.

Then specifically for Android 14 beta for Nothing Phone (1), OnePlus 11, Vivo X90 Pro, iQOO 11, Oppo Find N2 Flip and Realme GT 2 Pro each series explains on the site that users will get some problems after the OS update.


Problems that arise include a fingerprint scanner that doesn’t work, phone storage will be erased or back to Factory Reset as well as screen will lag when taking pictures with the front camera on WhatsApp.

Regardless of the disruption that will occur, all decisions come back to you. So if your cellphone is on the list, please try whether you want to update to Android 14 Beta 1 or not. [NM/HBS]