LockBit Hacker Gang Admits to Stealing 1.5 TB of BSI Bank Data

Berikut LockBit Hacker Gang Admits to Stealing 1.5 TB of BSI Bank Data
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta A hacker gang named LockBit claims to be the mastermind behind the cause of Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) services, experiencing disruptions a few days ago and carrying out ransomware or stealing 1.5 TB of data belonging to BSI.

Information on the BSI ransomware case carried out by LockBit was revealed by the Twitter account @darktracer_int on Saturday (13/05/2023). This account initially said that LockBit was the hacker who caused the BSI to crash.

In addition, the dangerous hacker LockBit has 15 million data measuring 1.5 TB owned by BSI. This data is sensitive because it consists of customer data, employee data, confidential documents and so on.

It was also stated that LockBit was negotiating with BSI regarding this data, and if the negotiations failed, the data would be leaked on the internet via hacker sites.


“The LockBit ransomware gang claimed responsibility for the disruption of all services at Bank Syariah Indonesia, stating that it was the result of their attack. They also announced they had stolen 15 million customer records, employee information, and around 1.5 terabytes of internal data. They further threatened to release all data on the dark web if negotiations fail,” tweeted @darktracer_int.

Previously, BSI services had experienced disruptions since Monday (08/05/2023), and had caused uproar on social media. Then speculation arose that BSI had ransomware, resulting in an error service.

This issue had faded because BSI services have been recovering. However, the public was shocked when LockBit claimed to have 1.5 TB of BSI data.

Until now there has been no confirmation from the BSI. It’s just that a cyber security observer from Lilincom, Alfons Tanujaya, suggested that BSI act immediately to deal with this data theft case.


“LockBit is not just a bluff and proves that it did steal and encrypt 1.5 TB of BSI data. If you’re a large company and experience a data leak, act like a big company. Calculate the risks and costs before making a decision,” Alfons said through his official statement.