MediaTek Announces Dimensity Auto Chip for Unmanned Cars

Berikut MediaTek Announces Dimensity Auto Chip for Unmanned Cars
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – MediaTek has now announced a new chipset, namely Dimensity Auto, which will be used as a computing solution for unmanned vehicles.

As you know, autonomous or unmanned vehicles are an evolution of the latest electric vehicle technology, and it seems that this latest MediaTek chipset will help make this vehicle happen.

This chipset will be used in smart cockpits that require connectivity as well as automated driver assistance systems. With the release of Dimensity Auto, MediaTek will compete with several other companies, one of which is Qualcomm.


MediaTek Dimensity Auto unmanned vehicle

MediaTek Dimensity Auto for the next generation of unmanned vehicles will have automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) and various other solutions on these vehicle models, reports Gizmochina.

In addition, MediaTek seems to be on fire to pursue its goal of helping deliver smart vehicles that are always connected with the latest technologies.

Dimensity Auto itself is platforms machine learning multiprocessor or vision-capable for the latest automotive products. Chipsets it will feature MiraVision technology with support for 8K HDR screen display and speed refresh 120Hz, as well as combining multiple cameras with HDR support.

Overall MediaTek Dimensity Auto competes with Snapdragon Ride, made by Qualcomm. Dimensity Auto looks to have the upper hand at 3nm, when compared to the Snapdragon Ride’s 3nm process, but we still need to see how this chipset competes in other sectors.


This chipset also has Dimensity Auto Connect with support for WiFi 7, GN SS, Bluetooth, 5G NTN, and others which are targeted to compete with the Snapdragon Auto 5G Modem. In addition, this chipset will help developers deliver super smart vehicles that can be as smart as smartphones.

This chipset will also have various other features and functionality, such as a dedicated DSP for microphone audio. Even though it has been announced, there is still no information regarding the launch schedule, it is hoped that the launch will occur soon. [FY/HBS]