Must Save! This is a list of emergency telephone numbers for the 2023 Eid Mudik

Berikut Must Save! This is a list of emergency telephone numbers for the 2023 Eid Mudik
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – For those of you who are currently on a homecoming trip or are preparing to go on an Eid homecoming trip in 2023, you should save an emergency telephone number. So, for those who don’t know, here’s a list, friend!

The majority of Indonesian people have now begun Eid homecoming ahead of Eid al-Fitr 1444 H in 2023. This moment is also the most awaited by many people.

As you know, when going home you will meet your family in your hometown. Although on the way back to your hometown it is hoped that it will be smooth and safe so that your family will not worry, but you should be careful to prepare important things while driving.

One of the important things that you have to prepare is to save an emergency telephone number, so that if things happen that you don’t want, you are ready to face them and get help quickly.

These unwanted things range from a vehicle that runs out of gas or is damaged, a family member who suddenly gets sick on the way to threats of crime from other people. Even though this is not expected, at least you have been on guard against this.

Well, without bothering you, you only need to save the various numbers that have been assigned Telset summarize.


List of 2023 Eid Mudik Emergency Phone Numbers

It is very important for you to keep emergency telephone numbers to deal with unwanted things, at least by saving them you have anticipated these things. The following is a list of emergency telephone numbers:

  • 14080 – Jasa Marga’s One Call Center
  • 135 – Pertamina BBM
  • 110 – Police
  • 113 – Firefighter
  • 115 – Basarnas
  • 119 – Ambulance / Ministry of Health
  • 117 – BNPB
  • 158 – PUPR
  • 151 – Ministry of Transportation
  • 0813-8006-8000 – Toll Road Information SMS Center
  • 158 – 24 Hour Homecoming Route
  • 0822-885-8884 – WhatsApp Mudik 24 Hour Route
  • 191 – ASDP Indonesia Ferries
  • 0811-102-1191 – ASDP Indonesia Ferry
  • 1-500-400 – Health BPJS
  • 021-7992325 – Indonesian Red Cross


That was a list of emergency telephone numbers that you can use during your trip back and forth. Apart from that, you also have to save the number of the closest family being addressed. On the other hand, even if you save the various phone numbers above in smartphones you guys, you better write it down on paper too.

We hope that your homecoming trip will be smooth and safe, and that this information about emergency telephone numbers will be useful and useful for all of you, friends! [FY/HBS]