Officially Launched, Here Are 5 Interesting Features in Android 14 Beta 1

Berikut Officially Launched, Here Are 5 Interesting Features in Android 14 Beta 1
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Google released Android 14 Beta 1 to the public, with various interesting features in it. One of them is a feature that can protect users with disabilities.

After launching Android 14 Developer Preview in February and March 2023, Google is now bringing Android 14 Beta 1 to users on a limited basis. Just like the Developer Preview version, this Android OS will be available in several versions within a certain month.

April to May are Android 14 Beta 1 and Beta 2. Next June and July 2023 are Platform Stability and Android 14 versions before they are finally officially launched.


5 Interesting Features in Android 14 Beta 1

Android 14 Beta Features 1

There are several interesting features in Android 14 Beta 1 and they are safer than previous versions. Quoted from Telset from the official Android Developers website on Thursday (13/04/2023), here are the five features in question.

1. Supports Foldable Smartphones and Tablets

Android 14 is built to support foldable tablets and smartphones. So Google has built enough tools and resources in Android 14 Beta 1 to help improve the app experience including design inspiration and development guides on foldables.

2. Smarter UI System

Just like in previous years, each Google’s latest Android release brings improvements to the System UI. One is to include more prominent arrows.

The arrow, which is more prominent on the left side of the screen, can help improve the user experience. Moreover, the back arrow is also equipped with the latest, more attractive wallpaper or device themes.

3. Appearance of the application is more visible

Android 14 adds a new graphing feature called Android 14’s Path API that you can use to make your app really stand out. This feature is capable of creating and rendering vector graphics.

This Path API also includes functionality for interpolating between paths that are exactly the same structure, being able to enable morphing effects and the AndroidX library so that the application’s graphical appearance is smoother and more visible.

4. Various Programming Languages

Android 14 improves per-app language preference, allowing developers to dynamically adjust the language that will show up in the Android settings per-app language list. It also provides a way for Android smartphones to know the current application UI language.

5. Protect Users with Disabilities

Android 14 introduces a data-sensitive accessibility attribute to allow apps to limit the visibility of certain views to accessibility services only. This method is claimed to help users with disabilities.

One of the attributes referred to is Play Protect, which ensures that applications downloaded from the Play Store are truly disabled friendly. In addition, the accessibility attribute of sensitive data also aims to protect user data such as personal details or plain text passwords.


It can also prevent important actions from being carried out accidentally such as transferring money or check out in the online shopping app. This is information about 5 interesting features on Android 14 Beta 1. For those of you who are interested, please download Android 14 Beta 1 at the following link. [NM/HBS]