Oppo Issues Blood Pressure Bracelet Patent

Berikut Oppo Issues Blood Pressure Bracelet Patent
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Oppo has successfully issued a bracelet design patent capable of measuring blood pressure. Features that can make it easier for users to measure blood pressure.

Technology continues to advance and make our lives easier, one of which is technology in the health sector. Currently there are many technologies used in the medical field for monitoring and intervention.

There are even some health features that are embedded in gadget devices such as smartwatches. Talking about health features on gadget devices, Oppo recently launched a patent for a blood pressure measuring device in the form of a bracelet.

According to the patent summary, this blood pressure measuring device is in the form of a bracelet consisting of a main body and 2 straps. The two straps connect to the main body, allowing the user to wear the device anywhere on the body comfortably.


The second strap displays at least 2 identification areas on its inner and side surfaces. The identification area on the smartwatch helps determine the appropriate air bag size for the user.

Quoted from Telset from Gizmochina on Tuesday (02/05/2023), the air bag will expand during the blood pressure measurement process, like a conventional blood pressure device.

From its shape, it can be said that this tool is capable of measuring blood pressure, just by placing the device on the wrist.

As a result, this Oppo blood pressure meter is very convenient for users who want to monitor their blood pressure regularly. For more details, see the image below.

Oppo Patent Blood Pressure Monitor

From the patent earlier, there is no large screen included in the patent. This suggests the device may be solely for health measurement purposes and may not have the functionality of a standard smartwatch.


However, it is too early to say anything for sure. Perhaps Oppo will refine this technology and integrate it into more devices in the future. [NM/HBS]