Oppo Surrenders, Xiaomi and DJI Are Ready to Grab the Zheku Chip Team

Berikut Oppo Surrenders, Xiaomi and DJI Are Ready to Grab the Zheku Chip Team
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Xiaomi and DJI are reportedly interested in acquiring Tim Zheku from Oppo’s processor manufacturing business division which will be closed due to the financial crisis.

Oppo is facing financial difficulties, due to their sagging sales. As a result, there have been claims that the company will withdraw from France and Europe.

However, it seems that Oppo’s financial crisis is more severe than expected. The Chinese company is now reportedly preparing to sell its processor manufacturing business.

Reports from Chinese media say several companies are interested in navigating Zheku’s chip design team. Two companies that openly want to acquire Oppo’s processor manufacturing business unit.


Xiaomi and DJI Caplock Zheku Chip Team

After Oppo has confirmed that they will close their processor business. In the aftermath of the plan, the fate of 3,000 employees was threatened with layoffs. This news has become a hot topic in recent days.

Several media reports have previously indicated that both Xiaomi and DJI are interested in acquiring the Zheku chip design team whose fate is unclear post-disbandment.

DJI is reportedly taking the most proactive approach. In fact, DJI has created a WeChat group to accommodate layoff victims, especially giving priority to professionals affected by the disbandment of the Zheku team.

This move demonstrates DJI’s ambition of not wanting to miss the opportunity to get someone skilled in chip design. This is because skilled IC design professionals are currently very difficult to find.

For information, the Zheku team was formed by Oppo by hiring many professionals who are experts in the field of chips with the lure of high salaries from a number of companies, such as Qualcomm, Huawei Hisilicon, Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA.


Oppo’s chip design unit, named Zheku, began operating in 2019. Chip products developed include MariSilicon X, an ISP chip with technology neural processing units (NPU) that improves the quality of photos and videos.

Industry sources speculate that DJI, whose current business areas include drones, robotics, Lidar, and autonomous vehicles, will likely give priority to camera ISPs, as its core business is still related to drones. [HBS]