Pixel users complain of hot cellphones after updating Google applications

Berikut Pixel users complain of hot cellphones after updating Google applications
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – The Google Pixel is not without flaws. This is because Google Pixel users complain that their cellphones get hotter and waste battery after updating Google applications.

quoted Telset from Engadget on Monday (15/05/2023), Pixel 6 Pro users recently admitted that smartphones hers is hotter and wasteful of battery. These symptoms occurred after he updated the Google application which was launched on May 12, 2023.

He also shared a screenshot of the phone’s settings, which shows that Google apps use a lot of battery power in the background, when the app isn’t in use.

“The battery is still very hot, and if I don’t roll back to a different version, my phone’s battery won’t increase,” said the man.


Google Pixel Hot

This case is not only experienced by one user. On Reddit and the Google Support Forum, several other Pixel users are having the same problem.

There are other users who say that the Google application sucks up too much battery, so they decide to do a factory reset, aka making the cellphone to its initial settings.

“This just started yesterday. Massive battery usage from Google apps and to a lesser extent Android System Intelligence. I just went through and did a factory reset, reinstalled most things and it’s still happening,” said a Reddit user.

“On top of the battery not lasting very long, the phone gets very hot, so I know this is damaging the battery and potentially damaging the CPU,” he continued.

Pixel users have contacted Google, but Google’s engineering staff has been of little help. I was so annoyed, some users asked to return the Google application to the old version so that this problem could be resolved.


“Google apps keep draining battery regardless of version, and I’ve gone back to May 1st. I don’t know how to see if the app tries to call home or is in a loop with something like that, but the symptoms are the same,” said another user. [NM/HBS]