Prepare Money! PlayStation VR2 Immediately Available in the Market

Berikut Prepare Money! PlayStation VR2 Immediately Available in the Market
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Sony PlayStation announced that PlayStation VR2 will be available in local retail so this indicates that this gaming device will soon be launched to the public.

Through the Twitter account @PlayStation on Thursday (27/04/2023), it was explained that this VR device would be available to distributors after two months of exclusivity on the site

Unfortunately the Japanese manufacturer hasn’t set an official date or even announced what lucky retailer will be the headset virtual reality the.

quoted Telset from Engadget on Friday (28/04/2023), they informed customers to contact their local retailer for availability information.

“PlayStation VR2 will be available soon at local retailers, in addition to Check your local retailer for availability,” tweeted @PlayStation.


Even so, UK distributor PlayStation VR2 will be available starting May 12, 2023, although it remains to be seen whether that date also applies to retail stores other than ShopTo.

The Sony PlayStation VR2 headset will come with the same color scheme as the PlayStation 5 console, along with a similar headband-type visor to the first PS VR.

The device will bring a unique vibrating feedback and controller, with state-of-the-art haptics technology. This makes the user’s sense of touch increasingly feel a near real experience, when playing using VR2.

Apart from that, PlayStation VR2 also has support for eye tracking, a 110-degree field of view, and foveated rendering technology. Technology that focuses solely on the fovea of ​​the eye to maximize resolution and improve graphics with fewer pixels.

The headset also has a passthrough camera to show the real world on headsets. The camera can scan walls, floors and obstacles such as chairs and tables to get a clear playing space and create boundaries for gameplay.

The PlayStation VR2 will feature displays with up to 4K resolution and support for 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rates. The company also revealed that the device can be connected to the console using a single USB-Type C cable.

Sony said that there were 20 main games available that could be played using PS VR2 when the product was officially launched. These games are Horizon and Walking Dead, No Man’s Sky, Resident Evil Village and so on. [NM/HBS]