Qualcomm Acquires Israeli Car Chip Maker Autotalks

Berikut Qualcomm Acquires Israeli Car Chip Maker Autotalks
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Qualcomm announced its plans to acquire Israeli autonomous car chip maker Autotalks. This plan is a strategic step to remain competitive in the market by entering the automotive market, especially electric and autonomous cars.

Competition in the processor market continues at full speed. Qualcomm is very aware of that, so that this chip giant continues to expand its business wings.

As ARM-based mobile processors start to take over the PC market, companies are doing everything they can to strengthen their position.

Accordingly, Qualcomm has just announced its plans to acquire an Israeli car chip maker called Autotalks.


A Step Forward in Automotive Technology

Qualcomm, already one of the most successful companies in its field thanks to today’s technologies, continues to take strategic steps to stay competitive in the market.

For example, a few years ago, Qualcomm acquired an automotive technology company called Veoneer for $4.5 billion. Now, the US company has taken another step in this area.

Recently, the company announced plans to acquire Israeli auto chip maker Autotalks. This strategic move aims to enhance Qualcomm’s automotive portfolio and capitalize on the growing demand for advanced driver assistance systems.

With the expansion of electric vehicles and autonomous features in cars, the number of chips used by car manufacturers is increasing, making the automotive market a significant growth area for chip manufacturers.

Autotalks manufactures dedicated smart car chips used in vehicle-to-all (V2X) communication technology for driven and non-driving (autonomous) vehicles, with the aim of improving road safety.

Qualcomm Autotalks

Nakul Duggal, Senior VP Automotive at Qualcomm Technologies, said that since 2017, Qualcomm has been investing heavily in research, development and deployment of V2X, and as the automotive market matures,

“We believe that there will be a need for a self-contained V2X security architecture for advanced driver safety and intelligent transportation systems,” Duggal said in a statement.

Last year, Qualcomm reported that the volume of its automotive business increased by more than $10 billion, or a total of $30 billion. The company attributes this surge to the Snapdragon Digital Chassis product used by automakers and suppliers.

Snapdragon Digital Chassis can provide assisted and autonomous driving technologies, as well as entertainment and cloud connectivity (cloud) in the vehicle. It is stated that the Autotalks solution will be included in the Snapdragon Digital Chassis portfolio.


Qualcomm Technologies plans to integrate Autotalks’ production-ready, dual-mode standalone safety solution into its growing portfolio of Snapdragon Digital Chassis products.

That way, later the automotive platform connected to the cloud or cloud from Qualcomm Technologies will be further strengthened by the advanced capabilities of Autotalks.

However, Qualcomm did not disclose how much funds would be disbursed to acquire the Israeli company. [HBS]