The Definition and Impact of Jingling on Websites

Title: The Definition and Impact of Jingling on Websites
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This time we will discuss the Jingling software which is currently popular among bloggers or digital marketers. Have you ever heard of Jingling software before? If not sure you are a good blogger. You really understand the meaning of a process. And besides that you also don’t want to get instant success. Jingling is one of the software to increase website traffic instantly or commonly called auto visitor software.

With auto visitor software, your website will be flooded with lots of visitors in just a few days. You don’t need to bother writing content, improve website performance and do a number of things so that visitors come to the website/blog that you have. This auto visitor software will run on the system automatically so that website traffic increases drastically. Well, what is Jingling? Is it profitable for your website? Will Google give a penalty for using this software? Okay, we discuss one by one!

Meaning of Jingling

Jingling is an auto visitor software originating from China and has been running since 2008. Because it comes from the country of the bamboo curtain, the official website is also in Chinese. You can access the official website at However, you can access the English version of the website at Jingling also has a cool name you know! In the world, Jingling is also known by name Software Traffic Spirit.

Jingling is a bot software that runs on the system and is useful for increasing website traffic. Some of the facilities claimed by Jingling/Traffic Spirit in increasing visitors are:

You are free to download and use the Jingling software without having to pay a penny! You also don’t need to register to get this software.

You can send complaints, responses or any problems to the Traffic Spirit Team (Jingling) for free via email or skype.

  • Visitors come from various countries

Jingling claims she gets the IP addresses of visitors from various countries. The IP address will later be used by Jungling to work on the system. Fooling the system to detect incoming visitors based on existing IP addresses.

Jingling also mentioned that she was safe and reliable. There are no viruses or Trojans embedded in the software. Jingling will also block existing pop-up ads.

Traffic Spirit also has a professional team and upgrades regularly.

Jingling Impact Against Websites

It was explained earlier, that Jingling is an auto visitor software that allows your website to get lots of visitors instantly. If your website has a lot of visitors, logically website traffic will also increase. And that of course will increase the ranking of the website on search engines. However, keep in mind that Jingling or Traffic Spirit is not a human visitor but a bot/robot. Bots account for 60% of all website traffic. So, even though your website has a lot of visitors, there are no ongoing interactions. No comments, no reactions to content, no one even visits your website. The bot will run behind the system and increase website traffic using the IP address it has. Is this very profitable for the website? Hmmm… maybe this is one of the easiest ways to raise a website’s ranking to number 1 on search engines. However, did you know that there are negative effects from using Jingling? Come on, follow our search below:

1. Makes the ability to create articles even duller

The initial stage in what is jingling that you need to understand here are some of the things that you will be able to get in it. This will make your ability to create articles even duller. Of course this will give you a lot of problems. Why? Because your instincts in making articles will not be sharp. This will make the article you make also not good. Why? Because basically what will become your visitor is a bot.

2. Makes you lie to yourself

This will also make you lie to yourself. Of course all of that will give you a less good impact. You will not be confident in creating quality content. From here you will be able to get everything you need, namely visitors. But on the other hand, you will be uneasy because you lie to yourself. Of course this will have a bad impact on your psychology and abilities.

3. Your blog can be banned by Google for spamming

For more advanced stages. Apart from understanding what jingling is, you should also know that your blog will be permanently banned by Google. Why? Because the jiggling action that you do will be considered spamming. Of course this will bring bad impact later.

4. Disaster for Google Ads users

If you install Google Ads on a website, please be careful! If you use Jungling or Traffic Spirit, payment will be issued at the end of the month. Then it turns out that at the end of the month, you will get an email containing a website deletion notification.

Characteristics of Yang Yerkena Jingling’s Blog

You can use this jingling yourself or be used by others to attack your blog or website. If you use jingling to increase visitors to your personal blog or website, it’s impossible considering the results are bad and not profitable at all.

But if jingling is used by other people to attack your blog or website, here are the characteristics:

  • Visitors or visitors significantly than usual in a short time, even if you do not optimize or carry out advertising campaigns on social media or advertising services. If this happens to your blog or website, don’t be proud, it could be a bot or a rattle.
  • Visitors come from various countries such as China and America. Meanwhile, on normal days, blog or website visitors come from Indonesia or other countries. This is also something to pay attention to while paying attention to the first point.
  • Usually this increase in visits is only on certain pages or articles. You can check more on your blog or website statistics and compare the visitors of one page against another.
  • Enggment does not increase, Jingling will not comment, like, share, or do other activities besides accessing certain pages. If your visitor numbers explode, at least some of those visitors do. If not, this could be a sign that your blog or website has been visited by rattling robots.

What If the Jingling Was Done by a Hacker?

There are times when hackers or other people do this to your site. This is where they were from the start with bad intentions. The reason is, you will see that your site is affected by auto visitors even though you are not the one who did it yourself. Then why do hackers or other people do this kind of thing? If traced, of course there are lots of triggers in it.

It could be that the hacker has bad intentions for you. It could also be that it is done by irresponsible persons who want to reduce your traffic. The goal is to make traffic competition lighter when other websites are down due to being banned by Google. How to deal with this? Here’s how:

1. Open your blog

The initial stage in what is jingling and how to deal with it is to open the Blogger that you have first. This is the initial stage that you will be able to try to apply in it. All of that will be able to present to you something that is right and significant in itself.

For the next step in what is jingling and how to deal with it, what you can do is enter the Settings menu in it. Then, all you have to do is make search preferences which can be done easily. Then there is also a txt robot that you can try to edit in this section. Please go to the next stage for more details.

3. Paste the following text

The next step that you can do in this case is to paste the code that is already available in it. This is very important in the application of what is jingling. Certainly, all of that will give you the benefits and protection you need in it. All of that will be able to present to you something that is right and the best that you need in it. From here you will really know and understand exactly how to apply it all properly in it.

Please do this by applying paste in the code below. Make sure that you are really able to implement and do the things you need in the right way and are also significant in them:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: Googlebot

Allow : /

Disallow: /search

User-agent: *

Disallow :/


Ensure That You Never Implement Jingling

This is where there are several things in jingling that you need to understand. The answer is to never jingling at all. This is where you will be able to apply potential that is easy and significant to do. That is getting visitors in a fair way. Namely by making something interesting. In this case, you will be able to see everything as something important to implement. Whatever happens, never take steps or shortcuts to get traffic.

In implementing the jingling, you also have to understand very well that everything depends on how you apply it all. Also prevent all of that by protecting or implementing the steps above. From here you will really be able to get everything easily and significantly. The result will also be able to give you the many benefits that are in it.

In practice, indeed it will be able to provide and bring you the impact you need in it. This is what will clearly present to you something appropriate and significant. With the right method, it is certain that it will give you many significant results in it. This is what will bring you more results and profits that you will be able to achieve and get easily in it. From here you will be able and able to get many benefits quickly and significantly.

Do you want to do jingling? Better think twice before doing it. Do not let you apply the wrong method and certainly very detrimental to you.

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