Tinder Add Selfie Video as Account Verification Condition

Berikut Tinder Add Selfie Video as Account Verification Condition
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Tinder strengthens the photo verification process by asking members or users to take a selfie video or selfie video, to prove the authenticity of the account.

Previously, in the photo verification process, users only needed to take photos in a still pose, then these photos would be compared with other photos on the profile members.

Now, if members want to verify the photo, they have to solve it by creating a selfie video. SVP of Product Integrity at Tinder, Rory Kozoll explained that the addition of selfie videos to photo verification aims to strengthen the security of the online dating application service.

“User Tinder consistently tell us that photo verification is one of the most valuable security features. This tool is a way to help members judge the authenticity of the figure matches,said Rory.


Through an official statement received on Thursday (27/04/2023), this feature can make users safer because they can request matches or a potential partner, take a video selfie before chatting.

Then in the message settings, users can also choose to only receive messages from fellow members with verified photos as well.

“For the members who are 18-25 years old, verified photos give them an opportunity to earn matches 10% higher. We will continue to prioritize this method to help make Tinder a safer place to meet new people, “continued Rory.

Swavideo or selfie videos in photo verification is available simultaneously globally starting today, and the feature to interact with only verified photo members in message settings is also available in Indonesia.


In the coming months, Tinder will ask all members to update photo verification to the latest version that includes swavideo.

Every members Tinder is expected to be in its original form and truly authentic, so photo verification is here for everyone who wants to and is truly verified on the app. [NM/HBS]