To be different, here’s how to make your own lock screen on Android

Berikut To be different, here’s how to make your own lock screen on Android
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Android users are given the freedom to make their phones more personal. Various things can be customized, from the wallpaper to the lock screen. This time, team Telset will share how to create a design lockscreen yourself on your Android phone.

The screen lock is the most standard security system found on the Android system. There are various types of lock screens that are presented by various smartphones Android includes pattern lock, PIN, password, and finally swipe.

The default Android system does not yet allow users to create and design their own lock screens on their cellphones.

However, thanks to the existence of third-party applications available on the Google Play Store, you can change the appearance of your own lock screen according to your wishes.

Want to know how? team Telset will provide tips for you. Let’s see how to make it, friend!


How to Design a Lock Screen on Android

There are two ways that we will share. Both of these methods use different applications, and you can certainly easily create your own screen lock on your Android phone.

1. How to make a lock screen on Android with Wave

  • The first step, install and run the application Wave – Customizable Lock Screen.


  • Next, allow three accesses for the app. You can also withdraw this access through the settings if the application is not used.

Design Ways to Create an Android Lock Screen

  • Then, activate it toggled Enable lock screenand allow settings Display over other apps.
  • tap Lockscreen background to choose your own picture as lock screen.
  • You can also customize other notifications that will appear on the lock screen, such as the clock, music player, and so on.

Design Ways to Create an Android Lock Screen

  • It is recommended to activate the feature security and enable Security PIN

Happy! Now you have successfully designed your own screen lock as you wish on an Android phone.

2. How to Create an Android Lock Screen a la iOS 14

You want an Android lock screen like iOS 14? You can, bro. In the following, we will share how. Check it out!

  • Download and install the application Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 14.


  • Allow some access the app needs, incl Display over other apps. You can also withdraw the access when the application is not needed or restarted.

screen lock

  • tap Passcode to set a PIN for the lock screen. Keep in mind, the PIN must be a combination that is strong but easy for you to remember.
  • You can also choose iOS 14-style wallpapers as the lock screen background. Choose according to your wishes.

screen lock

  • If so, activate it toggled at the top of the app to enable iOS 14 style screen lock on your Android.


Finished! Now you have successfully designed your own screen lock in a very easy way. Hopefully this information is useful, and good luck trying it! (HBS)