Twitter to Limit and Label Hate Speech Tweets

Berikut Twitter to Limit and Label Hate Speech Tweets
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Now Twitter users will know which tweets contain hate speech, because Twitter will label and limit the reach of those tweets.

The latest regulations from Twitter led users to conclude that this social media owned by Elon Musik has restrictions on the visibility of tweets from possible hate speech violations based on company policy.

When Twitter detects a tweet from a user that may be violating its policies, it will limit the reach of the post and place a label saying “Restricted visibility: this tweet may violate Twitter’s rules against hate speech behavior” that other users can see.


According to a report from Engadget, the company plans to expand the label of tweets violating its hate speech policy to a wider variety of policy violations in the coming months.

Specifically, Twitter explained that the visibility of rule-breaking tweets will be limited, but will still be visible in search results, and will be in the options timeline For You and Following users.

In addition, tweets that violate the policy will be downgraded at timeline Twitter, and possibly cannot be replied to, retweeted, bookmarked, until pinned to the user’s profile.

Twitter also ensures that if a company mislabels a violation in one of a user’s tweets, the user can effectively appeal the wrong label by providing feedback. Although, the company says it may not acknowledge feedback or outreach with appeals containing typical reasons.


The company is currently taking a more lax moderation approach to its users under its current owner, due to Elon Musk adopting a philosophy of free speech, not freedom of outreach.

One example is the company quietly updating its hate speech behavior this month by lifting the ban misgendering And deadnaming transgender people. [FY/HBS]