Use AI, Drake and The Weeknd’s Songs Removed Spotify et al

Berikut Use AI, Drake and The Weeknd’s Songs Removed Spotify et al
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – The song entitled Heart on My Sleeve which was made with AI technology to mimic Drake and The Weeknd’s singing voice has been removed from streaming platforms.

The song, which was created using AI technology, was pulled from Apple Music and Spotify, because Universal Music Group, which represents Drake and The Weekend, claimed that the song violated copyright.

The day after, according to reports Engadgetvarious streaming platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, and TikTok followed suit.


While various streaming services have complied with the label’s complaints by removing the song, as is always the case on the Internet, the song still remains on websites such as YouTube.

Prior to being removed from Spotify, Heart on My Sleeve had been streamed 600,000 times. On TikTok, where the song was originally uploaded by Ghostwriter977, it has heard up to 15 million times.

In an official Universal Music Group statement provided to Music Business Worldwide, it said that generative AI training using the voices of Drake and The Weeknd was a violation of company agreements and a violation of copyright law.

Additionally, the music label stated that streaming platforms have a legal and ethical responsibility to prevent any use of their service in a way that harms musicians, as is the case in this song.

It can be said that currently the music industry has begun to lead to the use of AI technology. Despite serious ethical issues with this song, it’s still unclear whether this constitutes a traditional copyright infringement.


Because, in March the American copyright office said Mondays that include music, cannot be copyrighted if produced by providing text development support to a generative AI model.

However, the agency left the door open to copyrighting AI-generated works.

In the case of this song, the problem is that it was written by a human. On the other hand, this issue starts a discussion regarding the role of AI technology in the world of music. [FY/HBS]