Want to Compete with ChatGPT, Huawei Creates “NetGPT” AI Chatbot

Berikut Want to Compete with ChatGPT, Huawei Creates “NetGPT” AI Chatbot
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – With so many companies building AI-powered chatbots, it seems that Huawei doesn’t want to be left behind by creating NetGPT, which appears to be in the process of filing for a brand patent.

AI chatbots are currently the main topic of conversation with their ability to quickly provide intelligent answers to various questions that their users have asked.

Initially, this technology was created by OpenAI with ChatGPT, and various other companies also followed suit to create AI chatbots, such as Google and Bard, Microsoft made AI-powered Bing, and even several Chinese companies, Alibaba and the former head of Google China, also made it.


According to information from Huawei Central, Huawei has currently filed for registration of a trademark named Huawei NetGPT at the Chinese trademark patent office. This trademark is under class 9, which includes scientific instruments, and the registration status is still pending.

Although the Huawei NetGPT brand filing information does not reveal any details, the new product is named NetGPT, which seems pretty clear that Huawei intends to develop an AI chatbot system similar to ChatGPT.

Huawei Chatbot AI NetGPT

Although, previously the company has stated that it will not integrate ChatGPT technology into its products but will focus on developing AI technology with more sophisticated capabilities.

At the moment there is still no official confirmation from Huawei regarding the NetGPT that the company is preparing. It is hoped that NetGPT will be Huawei’s answer to present AI-powered chatbots.


With Huawei coming into the AI ​​chatbot competition, it will allow most users to have many options and potential for chatbots with increasingly sophisticated technology in the near future.

In addition, with so many companies competing for the development of AI technology, of course, many companies will compete to present the latest innovations. [FY/HBS]