WhatsApp Releases Chat Lock Feature, Makes “Lock” Secret Chats

Berikut WhatsApp Releases Chat Lock Feature, Makes “Lock” Secret Chats
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – WhatsApp launched the Chat Lock feature to maintain the privacy of WhatsApp users because it is able to lock confidential chats with certain users.

So far, WhatsApp continues to strive to maintain user privacy, such as by protecting user communications using encryption technology end-to-end. However, it seems that this was not enough, so the application owned by Meta launched the Chat Lock feature.

This WhatsApp feature can be used by users to lock chats that are considered private and confidential, such as chats with family, friends or co-workers.

quoted Telset from Gadgets 360 As of Tuesday (16/05/2023), users can lock this conversation by using a passcode, fingerprint, or the option face unlock.

The Chat Lock feature will move locked chats to another folder. Later any notification from the locked chat will not display the sender’s name, nor the message preview.


Also, media files shared in this chat will not be automatically saved in the phone gallery. How to lock conversations on WhatsApp using the Chat Lock feature is also easy.

Users only need to tap on the chat they want to lock and click Chat Lock. To get this feature, users need to download the latest version of WhatsApp available on the App Store or Google Play Store. This feature is available on WhatsApp for Android version and WhatsApp for iOS on version

As stated on the blog, Meta is working to introduce some new updates to the feature, such as creating a custom password that is different from the existing password to unlock the phone.


The social media company is also working to make the Chat Lock feature work on all companion devices where the WhatsApp account is active. Please update your WhatsApp and check whether the Chat Lock feature to lock chats on WhatsApp is available or not. [NM/HBS]