Xbox on PC Has a Game Search Feature Based on Accessibility

Berikut Xbox on PC Has a Game Search Feature Based on Accessibility
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Microsoft is bringing an update to the Xbox app on PC this week, this update brings game search based on availability of accessibility features.

Not only that, gamers who are looking for games with a fast or slow duration are also now made easier, because the update allows users to search for games based on the time it takes to finish the game of their choice, based on an Engadget report.

Microsoft actually allowed game developers to add accessibility feature markers to their games at the end of 2021. Some time ago, Sony has also done something similar by bringing the accessibility tag feature to the PS5 console.


Currently, it is possible for users to filter the list of all PC games in the Xbox app on the Windows operating system to be able to display games that are available with accessibility features.

Accessibility search features in the Xbox app on this PC such as a stable camera, narrated game menus, or custom game volume controls.

On the other hand, this update quickly brings the desktop version of the app into the same capabilities as the Xbox console, which already includes game search based on accessibility first.

In addition, the additional product of the Microsoft HowLongToBeat integration that was connected last year allows gamers to find the game they want to play based on the estimated time to reach the end of the game.

Through this search users can see a new collection of games that are fast to play and games with the longest duration on the home screen of the Xbox application on PC.


For example, HowLongToBeat provides information about the FPS game Mass Effect 3 which requires 24 hours and 30 minutes to complete the main story, and an additional 11 for side missions, as well as a total of 50 hours to complete the game as a whole.

So, if users are avoiding games with too much time or too soon, this update can be a quick way to find the latest games that are suitable to play. [FY/HBS]