Xiaomi cellphone explodes in India, 8-year-old boy dies

Berikut Xiaomi cellphone explodes in India, 8-year-old boy dies
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – The Xiaomi brand cellphone incident exploded in India, and killed an 8 year old girl. Xiaomi is currently conducting an investigation regarding the case of this smartphone explosion.

This case experienced by a girl named Adithyashree occurred on Sunday (24/04/2023), in Thiruvilwamala in Thrissur, Kerala, India at 22.30 local time at the victim’s house.

According to the father of the victim, Ashok Kumar, that night there was only his daughter and grandmother. Based on the narrative of his grandmother, Adithyashree was playing with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro smartphone while lying under the blanket.


The grandmother then went into the kitchen to get some food and rushed to her granddaughter when she heard a loud bang. He was shocked after his grandson lay with severe injuries and his life was not helped.

The police and forensic team came to the scene to investigate. The boy, who was a grade 3 student at Christ New Life School in Thiruvilwamala, died of severe facial injuries from the explosion, severed fingers on his right hand and fractured palm.

When it explodes, the Xiaomi smartphone is not in the process of charging the battery. quoted Telset from Gizmochina on Friday (28/04/2023) it was alleged that the cellphone exploded because the cellphone temperature was too hot, after being used to watch videos for too long.

The local police are continuing to investigate the Xiaomi smartphone exploding case to determine the main cause of the damage to the cellphone.

A detailed forensic examination of the device is likely to provide valuable insight into an incident in India that left one child dead.

On the other hand, Xiaomi India has released an official statement regarding the incident, which contains condolences and their commitment to investigate this exploding cellphone case.


“The matter is currently being investigated. We will work with the authorities to determine the true cause of the incident and will support them in any way necessary,” said Xiaomi India. [NM/HBS]