Xiaomi patents the latest folding cellphone design and camera technology

Berikut Xiaomi patents the latest folding cellphone design and camera technology
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Xiaomi seems to have patented the latest folding cellphone design and camera technology which looks unique and innovative because it is different from other folding cellphones that exist today.

As is known, Xiaomi has presented various technological innovations, which are able to push the boundaries of design to smartphone functionality by presenting various unique designs.

Now, one of Xiaomi’s latest patents shows that the Chinese technology giant will present a smartphone with a unique and innovative design in the future.


A new patent filed by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software, has recently been authorized by the China Intellectual Property Office. This latest foldable cellphone is specifically designed to focus on mobile communications, cameras, networking and multimedia applications, according to a Gizmochina report.

The main feature of the design of this latest Xiaomi cellphone is its distinctive shape, which sets it apart from other foldable smartphones currently available and possibly brings a new perspective to the current foldable smartphone market.

Xiaomi Designs a New Camera Folding Cellphone

The patent image shows that the top of the phone screen can be folded back and forth, effectively turning the front camera into a rear camera once folded.

This innovative design allows for seamless transitions between the front and rear cameras, eliminating the need for a separate rear camera module and potentially making this battle even more compact.


Meanwhile, the patent images provide a glimpse of what the foldable phone might look like, as this design is yet to be seen on the market. This new form of foldable screen has the potential to revolutionize foldable smartphones and further strengthen Xiaomi’s reputation as a technology innovator.

On the other hand, it is still unclear whether this patented design will be produced and widely available in the market. However, this shows evidence of Xiaomi’s commitment to various technological innovations. [FY/HBS]