Affected by a bug, Twitter Tweet Circles Can Be Viewed by Everyone

Berikut Affected by a bug, Twitter Tweet Circles Can Be Viewed by Everyone
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – The Circle Tweet feature on Twitter is experiencing glitches or bugs. As a result, tweets that are private in nature appear on the public timeline so that other users can see them.

As information, Circle Tweet is a Twitter feature, which can be used to post tweets to certain users only. You can choose who can see your tweets so that privacy can be maintained.

For example, to your close friends or family, so that tweets can be more intimate because only a few people see them. However, due to a bug, the Circle Tweet actually appears to the public so that all users can see it like a normal tweet.

This information was first revealed by a developer named Theo Brown, who has a Twitter account @t3dogg. He said that one of his tweets made in the Circle Tweet format could be seen by other accounts @TheSahilDev.


Even though the account is not included in the list of users who are included in the Circle Tweet. Even Theo doesn’t follow @TheSahilDev account. This bug really bothered Theo and asked the Twitter Engineering team to fix the problem.

“Confirming that someone I don’t even follow can see Twitter Circle’s private tweets (thanks @TheSahilDev) This seriously undermines trust in the platform. Must be @TwitterEng’s top priority,” he tweeted on Saturday (08/04/2023).

It turns out that the bug on Circle Tweet has been happening since a few months ago. quoted Telset from Engadget on Tuesday (11/04/2023), many users had reported similar incidents, namely tweets seen by people outside their circle or those who were allowed to see.

Another problem is that there is no label indicating if the tweet is a Circle Tweet. This is of course very dangerous, because the privacy of Twitter users can be disrupted due to this bug.


Twitter hasn’t commented on this case yet, so we don’t know if the bug in Circle Tweets has been fixed or not. [FY/HBS]