Google Archive Applications on Rarely Used Android Phones

Berikut Google Archive Applications on Rarely Used Android Phones
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Google brings a new feature that is very useful for users smartphones Android, namely the automatic archive Android application feature. A feature that allows applications to archive applications that are rarely used on smartphones.

quoted Telset from Engadget on Wednesday (12/04/2023), this feature was previously tested several years ago, and finally released this year. The way the automatic archiving feature works will delete some Android applications that users rarely use.

Even so, this Android application archiving feature will not delete user personal data in the application. Then if you want to download it again, the user just has to open the Play Store then look for the application that you want to download again, wait until the download process is complete.

Google claims that this feature can make application memory 60% more spacious. You will get an auto-archiving option if you try to install the app when your smartphone doesn’t have enough storage left.


Later Google will automatically archive applications that are rarely used, so that there is enough memory to store other applications. You can visit the application settings, and information will appear about some applications that are rarely used.

Meanwhile for developers, they have to release their apps using the App Bundle format for the autoarchiving feature to work.

Google added that it can help developers. Because if users can archive Android apps automatically, it is less likely that they will uninstall the app completely.

Moreover, application developers may be more likely to retain users, even if those customers access them infrequently. Although it’s interesting, actually the Android application archive feature has been implemented by Apple on iOS since 2017 to be precise when it released iOS 11.


It’s just that apart from the similarities in features with Apple, the Android application archive really helps potato cellphones, aka low-end model cellphones. HP, which often has difficulty downloading many applications, due to low RAM and memory capacity. [NM/HBS]