Google Doodle Celebrates Sulianti Saroso’s Birthday, Who Is She?

Berikut Google Doodle Celebrates Sulianti Saroso’s Birthday, Who Is She?
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Google Doodle celebrates Prof. Birthday Dr. Julie Sulianti Saroso is 106 years old today, May 10 2023, and remembers her services which were very influential for the medical world in Indonesia.

Today’s Google Search is different, because it displays an illustration of a female doctor checking the health of a child. Then when you click, information will appear that the illustration is Doctor Sulianti Saroso.

In the illustration Dr. Sulianti Saroso appears in several scenes. In addition to the scene of caring for women, you can also see illustrations of Dr. Sulianti Saroso was giving a speech and was examining something using a microscope.

Google Doodle Prof Dr Sulianti Saroso

“Today’s Doodle celebrates Prof. Dr. Julie Sulianti Saroso who is one of the first female doctors in Indonesia and is illustrated by guest artist Lenny. Prof. Dr. Saroso dedicates his life to helping vulnerable people access quality health services,” wrote Google Doodle.


Profile Dr. Julie Sulianti Saroso

Through the official website as quoted Telset on Wednesday (10/05/2023), Google Doodle explained the profile of Prof. Dr. Julie Sulianti Saroso.

Sulianti Saroso was born May 10, 1917 in Karangasem, Bali. His father, Sulaiman, was a doctor and inspired Sulianti’s interest in medicine at a young age.

The woman from Bali also studied medicine at the Geneeskundige Hoge School and graduated in 1942. After that Doctor Sulianti Saroso continued her education in Europe and the United States, where she obtained several advanced degrees in public health.

Prof Dr Sulianti Saroso

Also abroad, Prof. Dr. Saroso also received a World Health Organization (WHO) scholarship to study maternal and child health systems across Europe. Returning to Indonesia in 1952, he helped bring about family planning (KB) education in Indonesia.

Not long after that, Dr. Saroso joined the Ministry of Health to lead a program that improves access to health for women, children and villagers.

After a long and successful career in public health, Prof. Dr. Saroso started teaching at Airlangga University in 1969 and helped train the next generation of doctors and health workers.

Then get the mandate as the second female President in the World Health Assembly or the World Health Assembly, and several other organizations.

Starting from the World Health Organization Maternal and Child Health Expert Committee, the United Nations Community Development Commission in African Countries to the Indonesian Women’s National Commission. Doctor Sulianti Saroso passed away on April 29, 1991.


Even though Dr. Sulianti Saroso’s services were no longer significant for the world of medicine in Indonesia, so that in April 1995 the Indonesian Government established the Prof. Infectious Diseases Hospital. Dr. Sulianti Saroso in North Jakarta.

“Happy 106th birthday, Prof. Dr. Julie Sulianti Saroso! Your unwavering commitment to equal distribution of health services has changed the direction of medicine in Indonesia,” concluded the Google Doodle. [NM/HBS]