Honor Prepares Giant Rhinoceros Glass, Similar to Huawei’s Kunlun Glass

Berikut Honor Prepares Giant Rhinoceros Glass, Similar to Huawei’s Kunlun Glass
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Honor, the former Huawei sub-brand, is planning to release a new toughened protective glass panel called Giant Rhinoceros Glass.

The Giant Rhinoceros Glass glass panel that Honor will release is expected to be able to compete with Huawei’s Kunlun Glass in terms of strength and durability.

According to leaker Digital Chat Station, the Giant Rhinoceros Glass panel will be positioned as a premium glass panel for smartphones, which is similar to Huawei’s Kunlun Glass, reports Gizmochina.


Although, currently there is no additional information available about the Giant Rhinoceros Glass panel, but Huawei’s Kunlun Glass has been widely praised for its strength and durability.

Huawei itself claims that the panel is made using sophisticated technology that involves 24 hours, process, and 1600 degrees of melting.

This process results in panels that are as hard as rock and contain billions of high-strength nanocrystals, making them impact resistant to prevent cracking.

In addition to its durability, Kunlun Glass panels have also bagged the industry’s first five-star anti-drop certification from SGS Switzerland. This increases the overall drop resistance of the Huawei Mate 50 series by 10 times.

Meanwhile, the Giant Rhinoceros Glass panel is predicted to offer similar durability features to Kunlun Glass, and possibly even outperform its competitors.

The Giant Rhinoceros Glass panel is expected to make its debut on the company’s newest foldable cellphone, the Magic V2. It also shows that the new panel is most likely compatible with new technologies and offers an even better user experience.


Overall, the release of Giant Rhinoceros Glass is expected to increase competition in the market smartphonesespecially in the flagship mobile segment.

In addition to the company’s focus on strength and durability, the new panels are also expected to provide significant improvements, particularly in impact and drop resistance. [FY/HBS]