Implementing QR Cross Border, DANA Can Now Be Used in Malaysia

Berikut Implementing QR Cross Border, DANA Can Now Be Used in Malaysia
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – DANA supports the implementation of the QR Cross Border program initiated by Bank Indonesia and Central Banks in other Southeast Asian (ASEAN) countries, so that the DuitNow QR Code in DANA can be used in Malaysia.

Previously, Bank Indonesia (BI) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) inaugurated the implementation of payment interconnection between Indonesia and Malaysia using the QR Code, where DANA became one of Indonesia’s digital wallets participating in this inauguration.

In this collaboration, people in both countries can make retail payments using the QR Code for national payments in Indonesia, namely Standard Indonesian QR Code (QRIS) such as DuitNow DANA and Malaysia Payment QR Code.


“This collaboration will provide more choices for users of cross-border payment transaction services as well as being the key to increasing efficiency, encouraging digital economic and financial inclusion in the region, and supporting macroeconomic stability,” said the Governor of Bank Indonesia, Perry Warjiyo.

Meanwhile, CEO & Co-Founder of DANA Indonesia Vince Iswara said that DANA’s presence in Malaysia makes it easier for users to make payments at merchants QRIS through its application.

“In order to provide an optimal digital transaction experience in QR Cross Border hosting countries, we will always equip the DANA digital wallet with safe and reliable technology,” said Vince.

Furthermore, DANA’s participation in the implementation of QR Cross Border is expected to contribute to increasing financial inclusion and literacy according to the directions of the 2025 Indonesian Payment System Blueprint from Bank Indonesia.

Based on an official statement received on Tuesday (09/05/2023), the agenda for standardizing cross-border payments through QR Code interconnection between countries is one of the priorities in Indonesia’s G20 Presidency in 2022, and the ASEAN Central Bank Governors’ Meeting in April 2022.


This initiative is a concrete step to support the creation of a connected and interoperable ASEAN payment system ecosystem in strengthening economic recovery.

Cross-border payments also started with BI and DANA in Thailand in August 2022 and continued with Malaysia starting in May 2023, after going through a trial phase and a commercial phase. [NM/HBS]