Leaking! This is the price for the Asus ROG Ally Ryzen Z1 Extreme variant

Berikut Leaking! This is the price for the Asus ROG Ally Ryzen Z1 Extreme variant
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Asus has announced that they are working on a console gaming new handheld, which is named ROG Ally. Before the official launch, the price of the console has been revealed, after it appeared in the catalog e-commerce.

Ahead of its debut on May 11, the Asus ROG Ally handheld console was recently spotted on several catalog listings e-commerce which reveals the price.

The highest variant of this handheld console, which is powered by the recently announced AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chipset, looks priced at USD 699 or the equivalent of Rp. 10.2 million.


It is important to note that the Asus ROG Ally Ryzen Z1 Extreme variant is also equipped with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage. This means that this console is slightly more expensive than the 512GB version of the Steam Deck console.

This leak comes from a trusted source SnoopyTech, who shared the price information on Twitter. Keep in mind that this is still an unconfirmed report, so this news is just a rumor or needs further confirmation.

This leak also includes a glimpse of the specifications, including a 7-inch Full HD screen with support for a 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, this console is also equipped with 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, AMD Radeon Navi3 graphics with the Ryzen Z1 Extreme chipset, and Dolby Atmos Surround Sound support.

Interestingly, this leak also shows some promotional notes that state, “Play almost any game that runs on Windows, Steam, GOG, XBOX Game Pass, GeForce Now, Android and more”.

It is also written, “Play games in co-op mode on the same device using 2 XBOX controllers, and even connect to your TV for playing on the big screen”.

Then it goes without saying that you can even connect to the ROG XG Mobile Dock, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc., to enjoy all your favorite AAA games at higher resolutions and frame rates.


As is known, at the beginning of this month, on April 1, this gaming device was allegedly an April Fool’s joke. However, as information circulates, it turns out that this console will certainly be released soon.

Asus has officially confirmed the release date of ROG Ally, which is May 11 at 10.00 in New York, 15.00 in London and 22.00 in Taipei, based on information from the Asus ROG Global Twitter account. [HBS]