Smartfren Ramadan 2023 Internet Package Promo, Starting at IDR 10,000!

Berikut Smartfren Ramadan 2023 Internet Package Promo, Starting at IDR 10,000!
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – The time for sahur and before breaking the fast is usually used by the public to access various kinds of digital content available on various internet-based platforms. Responding to this need, Smartfren also provides a variety of special internet packages for the month of Ramadan with cheap and attractive promo prices.

Even though the price is affordable, the internet package provided by Smartfren still provides a stable connection all the time. With this, people are more free to use it to communicate, enjoy entertainment, and play the best online games.

Not a few of them also use applications related to fasting, such as fasting schedule applications and Qibla direction finder applications.

Well, here’s the team Telset will provide recommendations for Smartfren internet package promos at low prices that you can use to fill your time during the month of Ramadan 2023.

Some of them are even priced at Rp. 10,000, friend! Curious? Here’s the complete list for you.


1. Smartfren Extra Unlimited Night Full Speed

Smartphone Ramadan

The Smartfren Extra Unlimited Night Full Speed ​​Package of IDR 10,000 is an additional package or add on high-speed access that can be accessed from 01.00 to 05.00 WIB.

This package is valid for 7 days and in our opinion this package is suitable to accompany sahur activities. Customers can enjoy a meal while streaming their favorite content, making it more enjoyable. For those who are interested, you can buy it via the MySF app or *123#.

Quota facilities:

  • Main quota: Unlimited
  • Period of Use: 01.00 – 05.00 WIB
  • Price: IDR 10,000
  • Active period: 7 days.

2. Nonstop Unlimited Package IDR 45,000

Smartfren Unlimited Nonstop

Next is the Nonstop Unlimited Smartfren Package. The price for the Ramadan Smartfren package reaches IDR 45,000 with an active period of 30 days and a large 12GB FUP.

Not to mention there is a bonus quota of up to 8 GB. Interestingly, after reaching FUP, customers can still be connected to the internet, as well as access to transportation applications, online shopping, digital payments, and instant messaging.

With the benefits offered, this Ramadan special Smartfren promo is suitable for those of you who want unlimited internet. Good when ngabuburit, eating sahur or at other moments. This package is available on the MySF app or *123#.

Quota facilities:

  • Main quota: Unlimited with 12 GB FUP
  • Bonus FUP 8 GB
  • Price: IDR 45,000
  • Active period: 30 days.

3. Daily Unlimited Smartfren Package IDR 60,000

smartphone ramadan

The last Smartfren Ramadan promo is Daily Unlimited IDR 60,000. This package provides unlimited internet with 500MB FUP and 200MB bonus per day, for 28 days.

This means customers can get up to 21GB of FUP for almost a month. In addition, internet access is free to use at any time, making it suitable for all activities in this month of Ramadan. To activate the Smartfren internet package, you can use the MySF application or *123#.

Quota facilities:

  • Main quota: Unlimited with FUP 500 MB per day
  • Bonus FUP 200 MB per day
  • Price: IDR 60,000
  • Active period: 28 days.

4. Night Quota Extra Bonus Promo

Smartfren package prices

In the month of Ramadan 2023, all new Smartfren subscribers and loyal customers can rest easy when they wake up at dawn or surf the internet at night. By purchasing any Smartfren data package of at least IDR 30,000, customers can enjoy a Ramadan bonus in the form of free Extra Night Internet which can be used from 01.00 – 05.00 WIB.


All these surprises and bonuses are limited from 21 March 2023 – 24 April 2023, and can be claimed via the MySmartfren application.

Okay, that was information about the Ramadan Smartfren Package. Please choose the package according to your needs and happy fasting, friend! (NM/MF)