Twitter Faces Lawsuits, Following Bribery Cases in Saudi Arabia

Berikut Twitter Faces Lawsuits, Following Bribery Cases in Saudi Arabia
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Twitter is facing another lawsuit. This time in the aftermath of a bribery case involving his employees and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia a year ago.

For your information, in December 2022, former Twitter employee Ahmad Abouammo was found guilty of accepting bribes from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Ahmad accepted bribes in exchange for sensitive account information of dissidents using the website.

Now, as reported Engadget on Thursday (18/5/2023), the sister of Abdulrahman al-Sadhan, who was allegedly kidnapped and tortured for operating a Twitter account critical of Saudi Arabia, had filed a lawsuit against Twitter.

He accused the platform with the blue bird logo of breaking the law by allowing its employees to reveal user identities.


Areej al-Sadhan filed a complaint on behalf of her and her brother under the Extortion and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. His brother, Abdulrahman, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for supporting terrorism.

In her complaint, Areej accused Twitter of providing her brother’s “identifiable information to the government of Saudi Arabia, in blatant violation of its terms and conditions.”

Areej said that what Twitter was doing indirectly put every user in danger.

The reason is, after his brother’s account was exposed, Saudi Arabia kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned, and through a sham trial, sentenced his brother to 20 years in prison. This was done simply for criticizing the Saudi repression on his Twitter account.

The Saudi government is also said to have refused Abdulrahman’s contact with his family, so that the family does not know whether he is still alive or not.

Abouammo and another former Twitter employee named Ali Alzabarah accessed confidential Twitter user data 30,892 times in 2015, the lawsuit says. They then allegedly handed over identifying information to about 6,000 Saudi Arabian Twitter user accounts, including names, dates of birth, device identifiers, phone numbers, IP addresses, and session IP history associated with the user accounts.

While Twitter is likely to defend itself by saying it neither approved nor was aware of Saudi espionage activities, the lawsuit also states that US intelligence agencies warned the company about Alzabarah providing Saudi Arabia with user information in late 2015. E

Six months after the anniversary, Jack Dorsey, who was Twitter’s CEO at the time, met with Mohammed bin Salman. Despite, as stated in the lawsuit, knowing full well the bad activities and various crimes [Arab Saudi].