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VPN Tarumanagara is a private and secure connection service to access internet banking services such as BCA. Because it is not connected to a public network, the security and confidentiality of customer transactions is guaranteed.

Another plus is that you don’t need to download any application or software to use the Tarumanagara VPN service.

VPN Tarumanagara KlikBCA Login (Update 2022) :

Simply access the site via a smartphone or laptop device, then your connection to internet banking will be instantly encrypted with a VPN network. So you can transact safely.

Our team recommends VPN SurfShark which can maintain the security of your transactions and anonymity while accessing BCA internet banking.


Tarumanagara VPN Benefits

This VPN service was originally created specifically for BCA customers who frequently conduct internet banking transactions.

This step was taken because of frequent attacks hacker trying to retrieve customer account data. Some of them with

  • create fake webpage
  • use malware that deflects money transfers to other accounts

By using a VPN, action cybercrime it can be prevented.

KlikBCA Bisnis Cannot Login

But many do not know that Tarumanagara VPN has been discontinued. If we try to access the address vpn.tarumanagara.com then access will be diverted or cannot be opened.

Tarumanagara VPN has now switched to the following address:


Still part of the same service from BCA but with a different name and url address.

The reason for this change is because BCA wants to unify all of its services under one domain name, namely clickbca.com. This makes it easier for customers to access.

This is also to anticipate so that customers do not become victims phishing or fraud by a website under the guise of using the name Tarumanagara.

How to Login to KlikBCA Business VPN Tarumanagara

Before following how to use the latest VPN below. Make sure that you already have a business KlikBCA account.

You can apply for KlikBCA Bisnis services at the nearest BCA branch office by bringing supporting documents for your NPWP, KTP, and SIUP. Party customer support will immediately help you to open a business KlikBCA account.

After everything has been verified, you get the following important data:

  • Corporate ID
  • User ID
  • KeyBCA to access VPN service

After that, you can follow the steps to use the following KlikBCA Bisnis VPN:

  1. Visit page https://vpn.klikbca.com via your laptop, PC or smartphone browser
  2. After don’t forget to bookmarks This page is to prevent you from forgetting the url address as well as speed up access if you want to use it in the future
  3. Enter “Username” and “Password” according to the ones you registered when opening a business account
  4. After that, use the token to get the “APPLI code” by activating keyBCA and pressing APPLI 1
  5. After that you will be directed to your KlikBCA Bisnis account

Best VPN for Internet Banking

VPN Tarumanagara KlikBCA Login (Update 2022)  Populer #1 @App News
Image: Illustration; VPN Tarumanagara KlikBCA Login (Update 2022) Populer #1 @App News

But what if you have another bank account, such as BRI, Bank OCBC NISP or Bank Danamon?

Unfortunately other banks has not provided a dedicated VPN service for both their business and individual customers.

This is quite unfortunate because of the use of tokens or m-Banking just not enough. Your connection remains open every time you access the internet. Moreover, technological advances are also followed by the sophistication of hacker in carrying out the action.

Therefore it is important to keep using a VPN when you are connected to the internetespecially if you are going to do banking transactions that require your personal data.

However, never use the service Free VPN. This is because free VPN services often become a “media” for hackers to trick your internet access and even take personal data without us knowing it.

Always use a paid VPN whose security quality is guaranteed. Moreover, what is at stake is a financial transaction whose value is much greater.

Here are the best VPN recommendations with quality tested security by our team of analysts.

1. Surfshark

Surfshark for netflix

This Virgin Island VPN company has a MultiHop double VPN feature that lets you connect through two different VPN servers.

Surfshark’s security feature aims to secure your connection through two VPN servers instead of one, and double-encrypts your data too

With Double VPN, your online activities are protected by two servers, also known as VPN server chaining. Its working principle is as follows:

  • Your connection is encrypted first on your device and routed to Surfshark’s VPN server
  • After passing through the server, the data has been encrypted
  • This encrypted connection will then pass through a second VPN server, where it will be re-encrypted
  • Only then will you reach your destination banking site safely.

Surfshark also has several additional features such as Clean Web which ensures that the site you are visiting is safe and does not contain viruses/malware.

As well as preventing phishing actions (fake sites) to ensure that the banking site you are going to is an official site.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn - indonesian vpn

NordVPN is a VPN service from the company Tefincom & Co, SA

This service is famous for its “Double VPN” feature which allows you to connect via two different VPN servers.

For example, when using the NordVPN service to access a bank account, your connection will be encrypted twice through two different servers. This makes your connection doubly secure.

For information, VPN Tarumanagara (BCA) only uses one VPN server.

Additionally NordVPN uses the AES-256-GCM security encryption standard with a 4096-bit DH key.

AES is one of the encryption standards used by large corporations and military agencies of developed countries. This system was developed by Belgian cryptographers Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen in 1998.

The number 256 refers to the fixed size of each encrypted block, which is 256 bits. GCM (Galois / Counter Mode) allows your device to encrypt multiple data packets at once, ensuring that your connection won’t be dropped, can’t be tracked or hacked by anyone.

3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN has built a reputation as one of The Most Secure VPN for years.

The company provides the latest generation of encryption that is virtually impenetrable to even the most sophisticated systems.

Without encryption, your connection is definitely not secure. Especially when doing banking transactions. Third parties can easily intercept and access your personal data in various ways.

ExpressVPN will secure your internet connection through VPN tunnelwhich is an encrypted connection between your device and the designated bank or marketplace page.

This VPN tunnel function not only encrypts your connection, it also hides your IP address and location. ExpressVPN will secure your connection while connected, and protect you from any dangers that lurk.

4. CyberGhost

cyberghost - vpn indonesia

As the name implies, CyberGhost has become the choice of many businesses to protect their online transactions.

The company, which is under the banner of Kape Technologies PLC, conducts strict monthly audits of the security of their software and applications.

This allows CyberGhost to maintain the quality of security for its users, including against the latest cybercrime threats.

5. IPVanish

VPN Tarumanagara KlikBCA Login (Update 2022) Populer #1 @App News #1

This VPN company from the United States has a lot of security features, including:

  • IPv6 leak protection
  • DNS leak protection
  • OpenVPN scramble
  • SOCKS5 web proxy
  • Internet kill switch

By using the same advanced encryption technology as used by the military and banks in the US, you don’t have to worry about banking online.

KlikBCA Business Features with Tarumanegara VPN

There are many features that you can use when logging into KlikBCA Business VPN Tarmunegara, for example

  1. Account information containing balances, account mutations, current accounts, electronic statementCustomer Portfolio Report, BCA Debit Report, Credit Card Report, BCA Credit Card Account, Payment Report, MT940 Report.
  2. Remittance, such as BCA transfer, transfer to BCA Virtual Account, LLG/RTGS, to other bank accounts.
  3. Card registration.
  4. Workplace ID card.
  5. credit information.
  6. Loan payments.
  7. B2B E-Commerce.
  8. Pay bills such as telephone, credit card, internet, taxes, PAM, PLN, BPJS.
  9. Electronic payment tax.
  10. An account that is useful for managing money so that the account is automatically registered with KlikBCA Bisnis.
  11. Remittance transfer for payroll, auto collection, auto credit
  12. Virtual labels.
  13. Other information such as exchange rates, interest rates, transaction history, transaction usage limits, BAC contacts.

many Can Advantages of using KlikBCA Bisnis with Tarumanegara VPN. Want your business to run more smoothly?

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