WiFi signal booster tips, fast internet so it doesn’t lag

Berikut WiFi signal booster tips, fast internet so it doesn’t lag
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Telset.id – If you feel that the WiFi signal you are using is weak causing the speed to be very annoying. You can overcome this problem by using a WiFi signal booster application.

WiFi issues can be caused by many things, from thick-walled buildings, long-distance connections or just a poor Wi-Fi signal.

This time we will discuss various things regarding problems related to WiFi signals, such as the causes of weak WiFi, how to strengthen WiFi signals and also applications to help strengthen WiFi signals.

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Causes of Weak WiFi

wifi signal booster
Illustration of Weak WiFi Signal

A weak WiFi connection certainly has a cause. There are several possibilities that cause a WiFi network to be so slow when used. Here are some causes of a weak WiFi signal.

1. Less Broad WiFi Range

The wide range of WiFi also affects the quality of the network it transmits. Without wide coverage, inevitably you have to be close to where the modem is located.

The farther you are from the modem, the worse the quality of the network you are using.

2. Overloaded Network

WiFi networks have a limited amount of bandwidth. If the amount of bandwidth reaches the maximum limit, the network connection will start to slow down. There are even conditions where the internet becomes unusable.

This excess load is due to the large number of devices connected in one WiFi network.

3. Incorrect WiFi Router Position

As the saying goes, “position determines achievement”, as well as the position of the WiFi router which affects the quality of the network it produces.

If you put the router in a closed room, usually the network outdoors will be weaker. This is due to the many objects and walls that “block” the WiFi signal.

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4. Problematic Internet Connection

Apart from position, range and so on, the internet connection from the provider can also be the reason why the WiFi you are using is very slow.

To find out if your internet connection is having problems, you can check your internet speed. If it still persists, you can contact the call center of the internet service provider that you are using.

5. Download with a Large Capacity

Using WiFi often makes users forget themselves. Users must be engrossed in browsing, chatting, and downloading lots of files with very large sizes.

So, downloading files with this very large size has the potential to make the WiFi signal used slow.

If you want to download a file with a large size, it is recommended when not many people are using it.

How to Strengthen WiFi Signal

wifi signal booster
Illustration of WiFi signal

If you experience a weak WiFi signal you don’t need to worry. There are a number of ways you can do to solve this problem. Let’s see the solution.

1. Use WiFi Repeaters

For those of you who experience problems with a weak WiFi signal range, you can use the help of an additional device in the form of a repeater.

Repeaters help extend the range of the WiFi you are currently using. Currently there are also many repeater devices available on the market that you can buy.

2. Bandwidth Control

Internet service providers usually provide bandwidth FUP (Fair Usage Policy) or fair usage limits. When it hits the bandwidth usage limit, the internet connection will also decrease.

For that, do bandwidth control regularly, so you can find out your limit so you can enjoy optimal internet speed.

3. Put the WiFi Router in the Right Location

Make sure the location of the WiFi router is in the right position. You can put the router in an open position and minimal obstructions. Avoid placing the WiFi router in a closed room.

By placing the WiFi router in the right position, the emitted WiFi signal becomes more optimal.

Mi Routers
Mi Routers

4. Keep the Router Away from Electronic Devices

After placing the router in the right position, also make sure to keep electronic devices away from its surroundings. For example, TV, radio, speakers and so on.

This is because these electronic devices can interfere with the emitted WiFi signal and lead to a weak WiFi signal.

5. Restart Router Periodically

These tips are simple but useful so that you can always use WiFi in prime condition.

Routers will usually experience problems when used for a long time. For that solution you can restart the router so that its performance can return fresh.


7 WiFi Signal Booster Applications

Strengthening the WiFi signal can also be done with a number of WiFi signal boosters available on Android smartphones. Here is a WiFi signal booster application on Android.

1. WiFi Analyzer

wifi signal booster

WiFi analyzer application which has the advantage of providing the best channel used for a particular network. This Wifi signal booster application allows you to optimize the WiFi network you are using.

This application is quite useful when in the office or other public places, because it allows the smartphone to know which network has the most stable connection.

2. WiFi Solver FDTD

wifi signal booster

This wifi signal booster app is used to solve WiFi problems in your home. One simple thing that can greatly improve your WiFi connection is router location optimization.

If you can move it, use the FDTD WiFi solver app which will allow you to get a quick look at the range of the WiFi modem.

This method has proven to be effective in increasing WiFi connections. If you have experience and proven effective in increasing the WiFi signal.

3. WiFi Signal Booster

Wifi signal booster app

This is probably the easiest option to instantly boost your WiFi signal, but it’s also the most proven to work.

One of the applications that has a high rating on the Play Store is like WiFi Booster. You can download it for free. This application does not require root so it is not complicated to use.

4. WiFi Master Key

Wifi signal booster app

Not only can it strengthen the WiFi signal, the WiFi Master application can also be used to see how fast and strong the WiFi signal you are using is.

This application made by LinkSure Network is also claimed to save smartphone power, is easy to use, and safe.

This application is available in 19 different languages, including Indonesian. Surely you don’t need long to adapt to using this one application.

5. WiFi Doctor

WiFi Doctor
WiFi Doctor

Just like other applications, you can also rely on WiFi Doctor to strengthen the WiFi signal via a smartphone. Besides being able to strengthen, this application can also monitor the number of devices connected to a WiFi network.

There is also a WiFi Security Check feature, which allows the application to check whether the WiFi network you are currently using is really secure.

6. WiFi Manager

WiFi Manager
WiFi Manager

The next application that you can use is WiFi Manager. This application can be used to scan WiFi networks and find out which devices are connected to the network you are using.

Apart from that, there is also a feature that can be used to test internet speed which is claimed to be quite fast and accurate.

Of course, this application also has features that can optimize the WiFi network that is being used.

7. Net Optimizer

Net Optimizer
Net Optimizer

Lastly is the Net Optimizer application. You can use this application to strengthen the WiFi signal that you are currently using.

This app can find and connect to the fastest DNS server based on your location and network. Net Optimizer can also increase web surfing speed with a faster response time.

Net Optimizer can also fix lag and reduce latency in online games, resulting in a better gaming experience.

So, that’s an application that you can use to strengthen the WiFi signal. Good luck and good luck! (HR)