Worried that AI will become a threat, Google’s AI boss says goodbye

Berikut Worried that AI will become a threat, Google’s AI boss says goodbye
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – AI expert Geoffrey Hinton, dubbed the Godfather of AI has left Google, fearing that generative AI technology could become a dangerous threat.

Based on information from Engadget, AI expert Geoffrey Hinton revealed to The New York Times that he had stepped down as Google’s VP in April to be free to warn about the dangers of AI technology.

He is worried that when Google releases AI technology that can convert text to images as an effort to compete with its competitors, it will raise various ethical issues. Previously, Goolge has also launched an AI-powered video generator, named Phenaki, which makes it easy to create videos based on the data entered.


In addition, Hinton is also concerned that generative AI could cause a wave of misinformation in the near future, and replace some professions and even eliminate jobs.

Going forward, this scientist is concerned about the possibility of building fully AI-controlled weapons and the tendency of AI models to learn strange behavior from training data.

Although some of the problems and dangers of AI that are feared are theoretical in nature, what is feared is that the problems are increasing and cannot be overcome with regulation, or without regulation.

Hinton said he had started to worry since last year, when Google, OpenAI, and other companies started creating AI systems that he believed were sometimes better than human intelligence.

“AI has come a long way in the last 5 years, and it can be daunting with what developments will happen in the next 5 years,” said Hinton.

On the other hand, Google’s chief scientist Jeff Dean told Engadget that the company is still dedicated to remaining responsible and alert to emerging risks.

Google recently released a rough version of its Bard chatbot in March following the news that the company was concerned about the competitive threat from generative AI. On the other hand, Google refuses to make art-oriented AI like Imagen because of the potential to generate copyright-infringing content.

Hinton has devoted his career to studying the neural networks that are key to AI, but he is more famous for developing an object recognition system in 2012. His breakthrough neural network can use training images to help recognize common objects.

Google bought Hinton’s company DNNresearch back in 2013, and the concepts underlying his invention helped fuel the surge in developments leading to today’s AI technology.


Currently, Hinton is not the only one concerned about AI technology, as Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak recently signed an open letter calling for a six-month pause on AI development to address ethical and security concerns.

However, as one of the most important figures in the AI ​​technology industry, Geoffrey Hinton’s decision to leave Google could have a significant impact on the industry.