10 Free Online PDF File Compression Applications for 2023, Available on Android

Berikut 10 Free Online PDF File Compression Applications for 2023, Available on Android
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Telset.id – How to compress PDF is now even easier, because there are many applications for compressing PDF files online and offline on Android. You can use it for free, or paid for the advanced level.

Have you ever had trouble sending PDF files because the file size was too large, up to 200kb? So, we will provide recommendations for online PDF compressing applications.

There are many free PDF compression applications that can be used. You can change the PDF file application, which was originally 10 MB in size to 2 MB or maybe just 500 Kb.

How to reduce the size of a PDF on a cellphone can be done using a variety of available applications. Even this process can also be done directly using the application in smartphones Androids.

We have summarized some of the best and free applications for compressing PDF files on Android that you can rely on. Check out the list of the best PDF compression applications below.


1. PDF Tools

how to shrink pdf on hp PDF Tools
PDF Tools

The PDF tools application offers various features for processing PDF files. Like Merge PDF, Split PDF, Delete Page, Lock PDF, unlock PDF, add watermarks, and of course you can compress PDF files.

The user interface is made quite simple and easy on the eyes. This PDF reducer app is available for free to download. You also won’t be bothered with various annoying advertisements in free applications.

This online PDF file compression application made by Puna Devops has a file size of around 5.29 MB. The size is relatively small for the amount of functions offered by the PDF Tools application.

2. All PDF: PDF Reader

how to compress pdf on cellphone All PDF: PDF Reader
All PDF: PDF Reader

This Android PDF file compression application is no less functional than the previous application. Although there is frills PDF Reader, in fact this application offers a myriad of PDF processing features. So, it’s not just for reading PDF files.

All PDF: PDF Reader has many features that you can use besides PDF compression, there are split PDF files, merge PDFs, organize pages, edit metadata, and page organization.

Uniquely, this online PDF file compression application can also extract all the pictures in the document and save them in a folder. You can also rely on All PDF to convert PDF files into images in JPG format.

3. I Love PDF

Online PDF File Compress App
I Love PDF

This one Android PDF file compression application also offers the convenience of doing so compress PDF files.

Not only for compress PDF, this application can also be relied upon to create PDF signatures, merge PDFs, split PDFs, PDF converters, and many other useful features.

Interestingly, this application for reducing PDF size on Android is available in 25 different languages. Among them are English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and also Indonesian.

This Android PDF file compression application can be downloaded for free. The size of the application is about 23 MB. I Love PDF is a PDF compression application on Android that has quite complete features.

4. PDF Utils

Compress Android PDF Files

PDF Utils is a PDF compressing application that is purposely designed for users smartphones. PDF Utils offers various conveniences and various features for processing PDF.

Various features are offered, starting from compressing PDF, merging PDF, extracting images from PDF, adding text or watermarks, encrypting PDF, and many other things that PDF Utils can do.

The PDF size reduction application can also access various PDF files from Google Drive or OneDrive. The file size is also relatively small, only 4.85MB.

5. Compress PDF

pdf compress app
Compress PDF

Seeing the name of this application, of course you already know what its main capabilities are. This application can be used to reduce the size of the PDF files that you have.

Given that there is only one function, this application is not “disturbed” with other features that are not needed. The user interface is very simple and there are no annoying ads.

Apart from being a PDF compression application that is in internal memory smartphones, users can also retrieve PDF files that exist on various cloud platforms. Like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others.

This online PDF compress also provides in-app purchases. According to Compress PDF, by buying items in this application, you can speed up the PDF compression process in the application. One item alone is valued at IDR 109,000.

6. RAR

pdf compress app

If you are looking for a free, simple and fast PDF file compression application on an Android smartphone, you can try an application called RAR.

The function of this compressed PDF application is similar to WinRAR on desktop devices, but has been created and adapted to the device mobile or smartphones.

With RAR, users can compress files in RAR & ZIP format. Not only that, you can also unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ and ISO archives.

7. B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver
B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver is a choice of applications that can be used to create, extract and convert ZIP files. This application is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Talking about the features, this PDF resize app has support for 37 different compression formats, you can also use this app to extract and compress ZIP files.

8. ZArchiver


Next is a fairly popular application called ZArchiver. This best PDF compression application is very reliable for the needs of existing file organizations smartphones.

The only thing that makes ZArchiver different from RAR is its file support. With ZArchiver, you can create ZIP, BZIP2, GZIP, XZ, TAR, ZST, and several other types of archives.

Apart from that, this app also allows you to create & decompress password protected compressed files, edit archives, and so on.

9. WinZip


Winzip is another popular title on the list which can help you to compress or extract files via smartphones Androids.

WinZip’s interface is also quite nice, and comes with a lot of interesting features. This best PDF compression app has support for Google Drive and Dropbox, which means you can find zip files right away on those cloud-based platforms.

10. Zippers


Finally, there is a PDF compression application called Zipper. This application has the ability to extract and compress all major file formats, including PDF.

This application also has a number of supporting features, such as a task manager, flash viewer, file manager, image viewer and so on.

Apart from that, this application also allows users to transfer ZIP files via WiFi. Very easy, right?


Those were the 10 best PDF file compression applications for Android devices, which you can use for free. We hope that the recommendations that we provide can help facilitate your work or assignments. [HBS]