12 Cheap and Economical Online Shopping Tips to Prepare for Eid

Berikut 12 Cheap and Economical Online Shopping Tips to Prepare for Eid
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Telset.id – The months of Ramadan and Eid are often used by e-commerce and marketplaces to offer various attractive shopping promo programs. In order not to go crazy, we will share cheap and economical online shopping tips.

Of the various promos offered, of course online shoppers must be wise and careful to get the best prices and benefit from the promo program.

But of course it is not wise if you indulge in “shopping appetite” when you see these tempting discount programs. The most important thing to remember when shopping online is to be on the lookout for scams.


12 Cheap and Economical Online Shopping Tips

Apart from being aware of the dangers of fraud, you are also advised to be more self-controlled. Shop according to your needs, because usually low product prices and big discounts trigger impulsive behavior in online shopping.

Well, this time the team Telset.id will provide several ways to shop online that are economical during Ramadan and welcoming Eid.

1. Select an Authorized Store

how to shop onlineFear of counterfeit or fraudulent products is one of the reasons why some people are still reluctant to shop online. To avoid this, you should be more careful when choosing shops on the marketplace platform, such as Tokopedia, Lazada and Shopee.

Usually platforms marketplace provide signs or symbols which shops are already authorized, and which are not. Online shops that have received this authorization mark are guaranteed authenticity and service.

2. See Ratings and Product Review Columns

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If you are still unsure about the authenticity of the product even though you have visited an authorized store.

Take the time to see the rating and read every review or product review from previous customers. From these reviews, you can estimate the quality of the item.

3. Activate the Online Shopping Application Push Notification

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Illustration of Push Notifications

For those of you who don’t like receiving newslettersas it will make the email inbox full, there is no harm in enabling it push notifications online shopping application that you have.

Push Notifications can serve as a reminder, so you don’t miss a promo flash sale during Ramadan from your favorite e-commerce platform.

4. Pay Attention to Promos Wisely and As Needed

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It’s undeniable that promos and discounts have always enticed consumers to shop on the platform e-commerce. Taking advantage of this promo is also one of the economical ways to shop online.

According to the latest data from Accenture, it’s nearly ¾ digital buyers in Indonesia admit that low product prices and large discounts trigger impulsive behavior in online shopping.

During this Ramadan, many online shopping platforms provide various discount programs, some even offer discounts of up to 90%. However, of course consumers should not be lulled by the promos given. Consumers must carefully and thoroughly choose which platform is able to provide the best price.

5. Take advantage of “Ngabuburit” and Sahur Hours

Based on Shopback’s latest study, Indonesians visit the platform more e-commerce at 16.00 – 17.00 WIB, the hours when people wait for the time to break their fast.

This time is also used by e-commerce actors to attract more consumers. One of them is by providing attractive promos or special Ramadan quizzes that provide shopping vouchers of up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah

Likewise with Sahur time, there are several e-commerce which offers special promos when it is over. Like Tokopedia with Sahur Promos and Shopee which holds flash sales every sahur.

6. Choose the Right Payment Method

Currently platrom e-commerce provides a wide selection of payment methods to make it easier for consumers to make transactions. The e-commerce platform even works with various major banks in Indonesia to provide discounted rates and low interest installment programs.

There are even platforms e-commerce which provides installment programs without having to have a credit card from a partner bank. The key is to pay attention to online shopping platforms that provide discounts according to the card you have. If you are still unsure about the safety of your bank card, you can choose the payment method on the spot or Cash on Delivery (COD).

7. Look for Free Shipping

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Currently there are many e-commerce that provide free shipping promos. Using this free shipping promo is a very useful way to shop online and saves the budget you spend.

This free shipping promo is usually available in the form of a discount from the total shipping fee, or completely free shipping. Of course this is an offer that would be a shame to pass up.

8. Take advantage of Cashback

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Apart from providing free shipping, some e-commerce also provide a cashback feature for their users. With this, consumers can get “refunds” from the total shopping.

Usually cashback is given in a gratuity amount. Even though the cashback amount may not be large, if you use it frequently, the cashback amount will also increase.

9. Compare Prices

Cheap and thrifty online shopping tips for preparation for Eid

The next cheap shopping tip, compare prices between the products you want to buy. You can do comparisons on the same e-commerce platform or from several different e-commerce platforms.

Usually, products in an e-commerce can be different from other e-commerce. After comparison, you can buy the product at the cheapest price.

10. Buy Products Needed

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Tips for cheap online shopping during the next Ramadan, don’t always be tempted by promos provided by e-commerce. Only buy the products you need.

By buying the products you need according to these thrifty online shopping tips, your expenses will not swell and you will be safe from buying things you don’t really need.

11. Product Image Attention

Various marketplaces provide products along with pictures, but some stores use the same photos. So, you need to pay attention to the various product images.

This also relates to the authenticity and condition of the product you want to buy, so you don’t buy the wrong thing and avoid fraud. These tips need to be followed so that online shopping is safe. In addition, you also don’t need to hesitate to contact the seller to send as detailed product pictures as possible.

12. Product Research First

Researching the product you are looking for is a safe online shopping tip. These shopping tips are also your efforts to avoid fraud, because you already know every detail of the product you are looking for.

To find out the detailed specifications of the product you are looking for, brands usually provide it on their official website. So, when you master the information, it is very likely that fraud and other bad things can be avoided, and you can save money because you can find the lowest prices on the market.


By following these 12 frugal shopping tips, you don’t have to worry about overspending when shopping online. Careful in choosing and wise in making decisions are the keys to getting profits when shopping in this blessed month. [HBS]